Do you know why it is so important to have a strong immunity system?

See, you are aware that people with low immunity are very susceptible to viruses and infections, especially during this period of Coronavirus pandemic. Hence, strengthening of our immunity protects us from the transmission of not just coronavirus but also future new viruses. Next, you should know that the health industry does not talk much about boosting of immunity. Why? This is because there is no money to be made! Only when you are sick, you become an income-source for them where you need to pay for expensive medication or treatment. A blind spot in healthcare! It means you have to take responsibility and effort to boost your immunity!

As a living Yogi, I’ve learned the science of boosting my immunity through science of Yoga, a healthy sattvic diet and being in an unclutched space. With this background, I was inspired to develop a 4-part Yoga Therapy in May to help people who want to learn the science of boosting their immunity!

Let me outline the principles of healing from Hatha Yoga perspective:

  • Start the day with yoga practice. Yoga asanas (postures) are spoken of first, being the first stage of Hatha yoga. So, one should practice the asanas, which give the yogi strength, keep him in good health, and make his limbs supple. This means the need for an-hour for yoga practice daily during Brahma Muhurta time (between 4.30-6.30 am), a period of two muhurtas, or about one and a half hours before dawn. In the Vedic tradition, this period is considered as the ideal time for spiritual practices.
  • Change to sattvic vegetarian diet. If you are not yet a vegetarian or vegan, start becoming one now! The world can no longer support the meat industry and diary industry. A pure vegetarian body is the healthiest body that can protect itself from viruses.
  • Go back to Vedas. Hatha Yoga is closely bound to ayurvedic principles. The science of healing, like all else truly Vedic, is based on the Vedas, the oldest book on humanity. Everything that concerns medical theory was later summarized into Ayurvedic medicine. The solution can be found in the ancient science of Ayurveda and Yoga.
  • The 3 dominant forces. The teaching states that there are three dominant forces (dosha) in man, and accordingly, three main sources of illness: vata, pitta, and kapha. The three terms encompass all physiological functions of the human body, and their imbalance causes not only illness but also susceptibility to contagious diseases. Naturally the ancient Vedic science of healing is not exhausted by these three main forces. On the contrary, this is only the beginning to seek the deeper truths!  
  • From physiology to spirituality. With the right knowledge about balancing the 3 forces (doshas), we begin by working on the physiology of the material body, then slowly evolving to the subtler ethereal and abstract of spirituality. Thus, later we will be able to connect prana, the life force with ’vata’; then with “soma,” the nectar, the “fertile water for the play of life” with ’kapha’ and finally with the inner digestive fire that is ’pitta’. The direct experience of the wisdom of physiological healing takes us to higher spiritual spheres of a perfected Yogic body. In Sanatana Hindu Dharma, there is one straight path through the universe and situated on this path are all the different streams: medicine, philosophy, mathematics, astrology and astronomy, physics, logic, sports, magic, etc., and to a seeker who is fully conversant with any one of them, the other topics are no secret.

In essence, start building your understanding and knowledge about how to boost your immunity, you will be able to enjoy a healthy body-mind which wards off all kinds of viruses and infection! Namaste 😀  

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