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The blow by Covid19 pandemic has already left a huge impact in the world’s economy resulting in shut-down of many industries and massive job losses. Nobody knows how long this uncertainty will continue. Question people have in mind – will there be a second wave of this pandemic?

During the lockdown, many businesses have been forced to move to online, in particular, the online learning is set to play a major role. The proliferation of internet and search engines have made many information so accessible at the touch of a few clicks away. A living incarnation, HDH Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam (fondly known as Swamiji) once said that his Gurukul (Vedic school) kids do not need to go to study whatever knowledge that can be found on Google search. Fundamentally, the information technology has made common knowledge so accessible that a child no longer needs to struggle to learn in public school or private school. The old order of education system is going to experience a big shake-out as more people realize that knowledge they acquire in school will no longer be useful by the time they enter into society. As a parent, would you want to waste your child’s life by putting them in a system which will be obsolete soon?

Another thing parents should be aware is the flaws in modern education system which caused children to develop mental disorders or behavioural problems due to fear of punishment and stress from the poor performance. Children are getting diagnosed with mental disorders at younger age as compared to twenty years ago.

As a conscious parent, you may want to do some research in terms of the options you have. If you want a balanced learning experience for your child where there is focus on development of Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Spiritual Quotient (SQ), frankly home-schooling your child is the best option. With home-schooling, it means you take full responsibility of your child’s education. 

You may ask where do I find the right curriculum? Would you consider a curriculum based on the Vedic culture – the most ancient powerful learning system?

Three years ago, I was guided by my Guru to start a home yoga program for both parents and kids. At that time, I didn’t have a clue the larger picture of this project. All I knew was to listen to the Guruvaak (words of Guru) and began working on this project. Two inspirations I drew from Swamiji: 1) To provide children with a golden childhood through this program. Golden childhood happens when their life is filled with powerful moments, no powerlessness of fear or stress in any moment in life. Home-schooling your child in a nurturing spiritual ambience awakens the maturity in them to take responsibility for self and others. This can open up a huge treasure chest of extraordinary wisdom already inside them. 2) To remind women of their important role in enlightening human consciousness instead of prioritizing their career in society. Swamiji said women have a better role to play on human consciousness; they are living models and examples of intense passive creative life energy for future generations. When women are made to work like men, both the model and the lifestyle of living in highest possibilities are lost!

After working on it for nine months, the first product called ParentsKidsHomeYoga (PKHY) Beginners Series Activity pack was launched which comprised a set of 10 postures, focusing on strengthening the kids’ body and grounded them to the planet earth.  At that time, we discovered that many parents were not ready to take up the responsibility in their child’s learning, many still preferred to depend on childcare centers or public school. In short, the project didn’t take off as we planned, so it was shelved for almost 2 years till further clarity was shown.

Fast forward to 2019, I was guided to train a group of kids’ yoga teachers who became a part of this new endeavour. We revisited the entire strategy of this project and it became clear that it had to evolve into a sustainable platform – not just a single product. That’s the birth of the home-schooling platform based on Vedic learning, hence bringing this wonderful culture and learning system to the mass! The launch couldn’t have been more timely because during this period, more conscious parents are willing to consider online learning or home-schooling.

The team of diverse talents worked on the various aspects of ParentsKidsHomeYoga Home-Schooling program. Designed for children age 4-13 years old, PKHY Home-schooling program allows children to explore their Body Intelligence, Power of Listening, Power of Visualization and Verbalisation, Self-study & Communion.

The content can be divided into 4 aspects:

  • Yoga: Children learn about self, world and life through PLAY. As parents, you will learn how to create a sacred playground for your child, that will harness their power of visualization, creative expressions and a passion for learning.
  • Narrative/Story-telling: The NARRATIVE in storytelling can simply trigger children’s visualization power and their involvement such that yoga practice becomes experiential for them. Children learn yoga as an embodiment of consciousness through narratives.
  • Creative Activities: The gamut of different creative activities ranging from Sounds, kirtan, mantras, art and craft, dance & movement and connection with Nature.
  • Self-Study: A list of suggested topics will be given to children for further self-exploration.

In sum, this ‘new baby’ took three years to deliver to the world because it is centred on consciousness. Anything that is centred on consciousness will have a future. Namaste 😀

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