Have you ever felt at some periods in your life that you are literally swimming in madness?

For the last 2 years after I returned from the 25-day spiritual retreat called Mahasadashivoham 2017 in India, there were many moments I felt I was swimming in madness as I underwent various changes in my life. In fact, right now I feel I am living such an intense life with utter uncertainties and no precedence.   

There are four major lessons I learned while swimming in madness:

  • Drop your mind– When Existence is trying to express through you, the first thing we have to do is to drop the human logic and ego which limits our possibilities. Without the fears and greed of a human mind, just take the quantum jump into the eternal space of our being. Once you have experienced this powerful eternal space, you will be able to handle the chaos in the outer world and the amounts of toxic lies and psychodrama by the unconscious in this world. One classic case is the current lies and rumours being spread in social media by a non-integrated violent ex-devotee, unless you are able to drop this logical mind, you will easily fall into her seemingly convincing rhetoric arguments of claiming being brainwashed. If you take responsibility for yourself as a conscious being, nobody can ever brainwash you because you are centred on intelligence of consciousness.
  • Go on enriching self and others – One thing I learned from my Guru, Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, when the religious persecution happened in 2010 and even he was illegally imprisoned for 53 days without any proof of a crime, he went on enriching whoever came to his breathing space – the prisoners and police as well as continuously researching many sacred science despite the torture they put Him through. Immediately after his release, he brought the science of 108 kriyas, eN Kriya, levitation, teleportation, materialization and third eye awakening to humanity. That is the spirit of Hindus – go on enriching, enlightening and liberating the world with powerful truths.
  • Activism is the true wealth – Wealth is not about the number of zeros you have in your bank balance, it is all about your ability to be active and alive constantly. That activism you exude can simply manifest anything you want in life. To me, that is the real wealth because any amount of wealth that is taken away from me, I can simply re-create the wealth with my energy and intelligence. The best part is this intelligence is Cosmic currency which comes with me after I leave this body, unlike the matrix currency.    
  • Enlightenment is the ultimate madness – In Cosmology, when things get big, the gravity becomes very powerful, a black hole is gravity gone mad. Same way, enlightenment is the ultimate madness yet the most powerful. You just need to let go and forever swim in this madness, things will simply happen around you. Yesterday, I witnessed a beautiful experience right in front of my eyes as a group of us manifested 112 new Online Nithyananda Gurukuls (Vedic learning system) in 2 hours of intense madness. The moment we did the work with authenticity and intensity by allowing the Master’s energy to work through us, he simply caused our reality. Living enlightenment is not about sitting under a Bodhi tree meditating like Buddha, it is about experiencing new possibilities and breakthroughs as they unfold in our lives. This is living the wonders of life and enjoying the romance with Existence.

In sum, life is meant to be lived with intense activism and uncertainty. Don’t be afraid to swim in utter madness, it is a sign you are living enlightenment. Namaste 😀