About nine months ago, one of my yoga students shared with me about her troubled teenage daughter who had lost interest in life and withdrawn herself into her own cocoon. She would choose to engage with her mother as and when she felt like it depending on to her moods. She had stopped attending school for about one year due to lack of passion and depression.

Her mother had wanted to bring her to see me for private counselling but it didn’t happen earlier because of deep incompletion in their relationship. Her daughter had a lot of anger and incompletion with her mother. Naturally, she wouldn’t listen to her mother’s suggestion as she had seen a psychiatrist which it didn’t work for her, let alone coming to see her yoga teacher. The good thing was I had worked on the incompletion of her mother about one year ago so she was in a better space to relate with her daughter.

It was during one yoga session where I was expounding on Sankhya Yoga (Science of the soul) from Bhagavad Gita that I shared life always demands our expansion because expansion is the natural law of life. The more we engage with life, the greater the expansion that will be demanded of us. By dropping powerlessness and standing up again and again with powerfulness is the way to engage with life. When she shared with me about her daughter’s situation, I told her that her daughter had basically given up on herself. That night, she went home and shared our conversation during the yoga class, the moment her daughter heard the words “She had given up on herself”, tears started rolling down from her eyes. From that conversation, she finally decided to see me for private counselling. I designed a 21-day program for her which addressed her pain pattern, root patterns and lack of self-love.

During that 3-week period, she opened up to me about her past and her incompletions in relationship with her mother. Through completion, she was able to heal her past wounds and her relationship with her mother improved tremendously. Her mother was really pleased to see her daughter becoming cheerful again and she had returned to school. About two months later, she asked to work on her worrying pattern due to stress from her studies and a lack of integrity to herself. The second spiritual counselling helped her to complete her worry pattern and her school grades improved a lot. During those sessions, she grew to be very fond of my vegetarian food that she looked forward to be nourished by me, her body, mind and soul after each session.

Last month, she and her mother decided to attend my 2-part workshop on ‘Experience Your Divinity’ which was about awakening the Divine Feminine Consciousness. Both of them had several big clicks during the workshop which helped them understand more about their feminine physiology and also the three qualities of Divine Feminine Consciousness – passivity, receptivity and an ability to go beyond logic. This teenage girl was able to understand why she never felt connected with her gender identity and how depression came early due to a highly sensitive soul. I could see her eyes sparkled after the workshop and she was very much inspired and at peace with herself.

In fact, she shared with me the next day that she felt enlightened after attending the workshop and finally she found her life purpose and goal in life. Now she has so much clarity about her passion in life and how she will be using her gifts and creativity to help humanity. That made my heart rejoice with immense gratitude for the gift of Vedic sacred knowledge and my Guru, Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, (fondly known as Swamiji) for being his divine channel to transmit this science to kids and women. Her mother was so happy to see her daughter had come a long way in the path of recovery from being a depressed teenager to an inspired young lady who is going to contribute in raising the collective consciousness.

The kind of fulfilment I experience in doing this inner work of giving life to a being is indescribable. This power to give life is only possible as a blessing under the direct guidance of an enlightened master. Namaste 😀