Do you know that the desire to exist is not something separate from existing?

In the Vedic tradition, there is one truth called Sat Chit Ananda – existing is Sat, knowing that you exist is Chit, celebrating your existing is Ananda. Existing, Sat is eternal because it is eternal, the desire to expand is also eternal. The desire to expand is not a crime, only if the desire to expand comes from abusing, grabbing or destroying others, it is a crime. Hence expansion is not a crime, desire to exist is not a crime. The Yoga Sutra 172 Chapter 4 verse 10 solves one of the important problems of physics, the continuous expansion of the Universe. Existence means expansion. Anything that exists expands, anything expands exists – this is the Cosmic Law. Therefore, if you have the desire to exist and the desire to expand, it is not a crime as taught to you by some other religions.

With this context, that is why Lord Venkateshwara is called the God of wealth in Vedic culture as the desire to have wealth is not considered a crime. If it is a crime, then why would Lord Venkateshwara be the embodiment of wealth? Devil would have been the embodiment of wealth! For this reason, Lord Venkateshwara is worshipped as the embodiment of wealth and expansion.

Here are a few sacred secrets we need to catch. First, by nature, you are eternal, your existence is eternal, your desires are also eternal. In whatever direction you want to expand, you are going to be expanding. So, all you need to do is not destroy your desires, instead channel the desires in the direction you want by not grabbing from others or abusing others. All you need to do is divert the desire properly without hurting others’ lives and properties.  The great sage, Patanjali revealed in the Yoga Sutras that your desire is the desire for expansion, don’t fight with it or supress it. Fundamentally, desire to expand is natural and divine as long as it is not interfering with others.  The essence that Patanjali is telling us is desire exists, how are you going to handle it? Destroy it or divert it and enjoy it?

The second sacred secrets we need to catch is – Life is positive, the desire to expand is positive.  If you let the pure desire to exist and expand without violence and negativity, that power is the power of Vishnu, Lord Venkateshwara.

Existing and desire to exist are one and the same. You exist from the source of life. Desire to exist is from the same source and desire to expand is also from the same source, any authentic honest desire to expand becomes existence just like you exist. Any desire which is from your existence becomes existence.

How come many of our desires don’t get fulfilled?  For example, you may think you have a desire to have a billion dollars, why is it not happening? We will have thousands of questions related to why our desires are not fulfilled. See, desire is a major conflict for many people due to a lack of the right understanding about desire.

One more important thing you need to know – anything that is not fulfilled will create a conflict in you. When you die and take birth, you become more intelligent as you are now updated. Same way, if your desires are not fulfilled, your mind breaks, it is equivalent to one death and rebirth. For instance, you had a desire to marry someone, unfortunately the person got married to someone and that person is no longer available to you. You have to marry someone, when the desire breaks unfulfilled, it’s equivalent to one death, you create a new life. All the intelligence you received by cherishing that desire and not getting fulfilled, is part of your desire. The only thing, if you are willing to hide it in the secret deep consciousness, then that intelligence is not available to you. But if you are ready to face it with awareness, then that intelligence becomes a basic cognisance for you in your day-to-day decision-making process.

In essence, the right understanding of our desire enables us to divert our energy to that desire and celebrate our very existence and expansion. Namaste 😀