Have you seen the Paramahamsa?

In the last article of 2018, I like to share a beautiful story told by His Divine Holiness, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji). It is a story about a Paramahamsa and the fish.

Paramahamsa means ‘great swan’. A Paramahamsa swan is special because it never touches the ground! It only flies in the open sky, never touching the dust and dirt of the earth. Even when the Paramahamsa swan lays its eggs, the egg drops from the sky and hatches in the mid-air and the baby swan flies out before the egg touches the ground. As per the Hindu scriptures, the Paramahamsa swan is the symbol of the enlightened being who always flies in the enlightened space and can never be caught in anything worldly.

There was a Paramahamsa swan who was flying over a lake, and its reflection fell on the lake below. When the reflection fell on the water, the fish in the lake started jumping, “Oh, a new big fish has come, a new big fish has come!’, and they went around the reflection, admiring it. Some fish started jumping on the swan’s reflection, some fish started dancing around the swan’s reflection, and some fish started making a fence in the water, saying, “This is the ashram for the big fish!’ Some fish started finding ways to get close to the ‘big fish’. Some fish started crying, ‘Oh, this big fish is so loving, so caring, so graceful and so beautiful!’ Some other fish started jumping to the other side and saying, ‘No, this fish is not paying attention to me at all. It is not at all loving and caring!’ Some fish started saying good things about the reflection and some fish started saying bad things about the reflection. Some fish started creating a place for the ‘big fish’ to live; some fish even threw a few stones at it.
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Completion brings compassion and inner peace in a child

Last evening, my 15- years-old son came to share with me about an incident which disturbed his inner space as he felt certain heaviness in his heart. This incident happened yesterday afternoon, he went for a Geography team project discussion with a couple of boys from his school. After the project meeting, the three boys decided to visit the games arcade in the shopping mall for some entertainment.

The moment one of his friends, namely Yee tried to show off his skills by taking out a special professional member card to start the game machine, my son immediately recognized it was his card which he had lost 4 months ago. Through his awakened third eye, he saw that his friend stole his card and he had to confront him. Yee immediately lied by saying it was his card as he had earned it using his playing skills. My son, with ferociousness, took the card away from him and Yee tried to snatch it away. In the struggle, my son cornered him to speak the truth! Finally, he admitted that the card belonged to my son but then came the second lie, he said that my son left it in the machine the last time they played together. My son was clear that this didn’t happen and again pushed him to speak the truth. Finally, out came the truth – Yee stole the card from my son’s wallet as they used to sit next to each other in the class. Seeing my son’s ferociousness, finally Yee apologised to my son for stealing his card. My son, after having satisfied with the truth, decided to give that card to his friend and then left him.
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Let your child discover the gender identity

Last weekend, I attended a mind-blowing 2-day workshop conducted by His Divine Holiness, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) on the topic ‘Cosmic Union through Tantra’.

There were so much clicks I received but one of the biggest clicks was realizing the first sexual abuse we receive below 7 years of age is always ideological, not physical. See, when a child is below 7 years old, he or she experiences himself or herself as a complete being with a genderless pure space. A complete being is always so much in love with the nature and he or she will never be abusive to the nature.

Unfortunately, the unconscious society starts to label us as male or female which is the first abuse done to our sexual identity. The idea of male or female comes from the mediocrity of the society because they do not encourage us to explore, seek and identify our gender instead they push their opinions of male or female forcibly making us align to their idea is the worst and first sexual abuse we go through. They are not able to be creative and seeking the higher truth, they impose such a retarded idea into our consciousness. In Vedic tradition, there are 11 genders not just the 2 genders commonly known. When we don’t have enough energy and courage to be a seeker and recognize ourselves on our own independent intelligence, we tolerate the label of male or female put by others on us. In short, the first sexual abuse done to us is always ideological, not physical.
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