How is it like to manifest a new reality in Oneness with your teamily?

See, for the last 7 years, I have been managing my business by my own which gave me the tremendous confidence and freedom to do what I am most passionate about and inspire myself. It was such a refreshing relief from my corporate days filled with internal politics and different agendas of individuals. I enjoyed the expansion especially in the area of awakening the spiritual quality of responsibility and authenticity by stretching myself to my peak capacity. But I discovered that I can only grow the company to the knowledge and skillsets I have at this moment, yet the vast possibilities remain untapped.

In April 2017, I had the fortune of starting the second company, Space of Purity and Awareness (SPA) in Hong Kong with a group of 3 spiritual friends after I began the coaching module called ‘Be Your Own Boss’ designed for spiritual entrepreneurs. These friends are literally my teamily, meaning team and family – a new word coined by my Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (also known as Swamiji). Teamily are fundamentally the ideological family with whom you share certain common ideologies of spirituality.

After nine months, the teamily has grown to 6 members. The amount of expansion each member of the teamily undergone was phenomenal. When I look back within this short period of time, here are just some of the new dimensions I’ve witnessed when a teamily is totally aligned for enriching and causing each other’s reality.

  • Share of resources, creativity and talents: When the teamily understands the larger purpose of life, we have no hesitation to give treasure (money), talent, time and energy for the higher possibilities and expansion. Some of us may have contributed money for the investment, others contributed their talent, energy and time, but one thing is common, we all give our lives to this mission. Everything we give our lives to, simply it manifests as reality! This is the most extraordinary space to be in!
  • Raise each other to completion: When we first started this company, each one of us came with different blind spots whether it is related to body, mind and space, even some incompletions from the past births which hindered the teamily’s possibility for expansion. We do not tolerate ego, arrogance and powerlessness in a teamily. We help each other to complete using our gifts and the powers (shaktis) which were initiated by Swamiji. Due to great level of trust within the teamily, a deeper spiritual surgery, like the curse from past births, can be cleaned up simply by the constant guidance of the Guru’s teaching and presence. Constantly we bring ourselves back to the space of complete completion.
  • The multiplier effect of a powerful teamily: By working in SPA, I’ve learned the unimaginable group energy of a powerful teamily which creates a huge multiplier effect. All of us could be sitting in different parts of the world but we are beyond time and space. It is no longer 1+1+1+1+1 = 5, it is 11,111! It feels like an army of people working together. One example was the recent project of writing my first eBook – ‘Cancer: a death sentence or a wake-up call? You decide’. The entire project started from writing of the content to putting together the creative visuals and text in a presentable format, to setting up the infrastructure to facilitate eBook sales and finally the promotion of the eBook in social media and seeding at the ground level. When people get inspired for the cause we are presenting, they are willing to share it with their family and friends. The impact can be equivalent to a conscious tsunami when we work in Oneness!
  • Have fun playing: The best part of working in a teamily is everything is a play and we have fun playing with Cosmos, there is no other hidden agenda. We play, explore and stretch ourselves to the peak capacities in manifesting a new reality which we can’t even fathom as individuals.
  • Feeling everyone as my extension: The more we are able to work in Oneness, the more we feel everything is our extension. We are Sadashiva (pure Super consciousness). The idea of separation which was taught to us by society starts to lose its power in the inner space. That feeling of Oneness gets deeply entrenched in our very cognition and starts manifesting as reality.

Now I understand fully the miraculous power of Oneness in a teamily! I reckon everyone should experience this higher dimension in life. In fact, I can see this will be the model for evolving a spiritual community for living enlightenment! Namaste! 😀