I just completed writing my very first eBook, titled ‘Cancer: A death sentence or a wake-up call? You Decide’ in less than 2 months! I was utterly amazed by the whole process of creation especially when I struggled to complete another book which I started writing for the last 2 years.

What’s the secret?

I discovered that many of my best creative expressions happened whenever I sat with my master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (lovingly known as Swamiji), in Shaktinipada (feeling connection). Whether it is downloading certain solutions for creating new programs or developing a tailored program for a client or structuring the content for the eBook, sitting with the master is the best way to tap into the infinite Source of all knowledge.

To quote from the Vedic scripture called Guru Gita, which Sadashiva revealed the mystery of Guru to His consort, Devi Parvati, it says that ‘O lovely-faced one (Parvati), listen to my words and trust, for this Truth is most rare and unknown to anyone else in the three worlds. Guru is Brahman, the Pure Cosmic Consciousness, the Source of all that is, and none other than Brahman itself. This is the truth, this is the truth, there is no doubt. Therefore, a wise one should indeed make an effort to attain the Guru. The illusion that creates the world, that veiled knowledge originating from ignorance, resides in the body. He, by whose light, true knowledge arises is known by the word “GURU”. All sins are purified by serving the Guru’s holy feet. Thus, the embodied soul becomes Brahman. By the mere remembrance of whom, the knowledge of the Self (the inner awakening) dawns in one by itself; He, that Guru only is one’s entire wealth. Therefore, worship the Guru.’ 

The inspiration to write this eBook came from Swamiji and I knew that humanity would benefit from the sacred secrets of body-mind connection, Science of healing and celebration of death from my personal experience of how I walked out of Stage 3 Cervix Cancer in 2006 by my Guru’s grace. The structure of the eBook was downloaded but I had to sit with myself to open up the past memories which took some effort and time on my part. Just by sheer remembrance of the Guru’s form, everything just flowed like Ganga and the next thing I realized I crossed 10,000 words. My favourite time to sit with my master is during morning after yogasanas (yoga postures), I look forward to this special communion in deep trust because it makes me establish in the thoughtless space, the vast vibrant silence. In that restful awareness and a deep-feeling connection with Swamiji, I allow him to take me on a journey of adventures and experiences which are simply out of this physical plane! One morning in particular, he showed me in visualization the ideas I could add to the content of the eBook in my third eye. That whole day, I just sat with myself to write what I saw from him and the next thing I realised was that the first draft of the eBook was done! The entire experience was such in a deep meditative state as if the body was powered by another source of creative energy.

I also found out that if something is meant to happen by Cosmic Will, the Cosmos conspires itself and makes everything happen seamlessly without much of the effort from our part. We just need to make ourselves available and cooperate with the creation process as it uses the body for the divine manifestation. It is such as beautiful way of existing – allowing the Divine to flow through you in manifesting a new creation, a new reality!

Just like how a piece of cotton left in a bowl of honey gets completely soaked in honey, and almost becomes one with the honey, if we put ourselves in the Master’s presence again and again; and soak ourselves in his presence, automatically your Self will become established in the Master’s no-mind space. That is experiencing the nectar (amrita) in life!

In essence, I understand now why during the Vedic era, the seekers and rishis sat in the Master’s presence, manifesting anything they wanted in the outer world. It is important for sincere seekers to train the body through yoga to be able to sit comfortably with ourselves in easeness and in the space of complete completion, simply Cosmos starts expressing itself through us. To me, that’s the greatest wealth anyone can ever experience in this life! Namaste 😀