Guru ends the search for your Self

Today is the auspicious day of Guru Poornima – a Hindu festival that is celebrated as per the Hindu Moon Sign calendar to express reverence towards one’s Guru who is a teacher or mentor. The syllable “gu” is darkness, and the syllable ‘ru’ is said to be light. Swallowing the darkness of ignorance, that Guru is indeed, without doubt, that supreme knowledge. The first syllable “gu” represents the illusory principles such as maya. The second syllable “ru” is the supreme knowledge that destroys the illusion of maya. Thus the Guru’s state is the highest in the Vedic tradition.

According to the Guru Gita:

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Completion Brings Respect for Your Life

Do you know that all our so-called problems and sufferings in life happen because we have lost the respect for life?

This is the fundamental issue that humanity is facing now, we’ve lost the sensitivity for life due to a huge disconnect with life itself. When I looked back to the days before my spiritual awakening and the issues my clients and students are facing, everything boils down to this one blind spot – respect for your life.

What are the symptoms that show a loss of respect for life?

If you are spending your time in worrying, you don’t have respect for life! When you try to fill your emptiness and restlessness within with material enjoyments like car, house, accumulating bank balance, food indulgence and even in relationships, thinking they will fill the incompletion you are carrying about life. Any addiction you have, whether it is alcohol, smoking, sex, drugs or pornography clearly shows you don’t have respect for your own life! Falling into low mood, depression or any psychological disorder is an indication of your lack of respect for life. Any self-harming or suicidal attempt is a clear sign of abuse of the precious life that you are given!

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Nourish Your Body with Sattvic Food

The ancient seers, masters and yogis understood that Prakrithi, the cosmic substance, is consist of three constituents or forces called Gunas. Each guna is a derived aspect of existence and yet is never separate from the origin itself. A guna remains distinct in its characteristics and functions accordingly. Every human being, regardless of race, religion or caste, has the 3 gunas. These three gunas are: rajas, tamas, and sattvas.

Sattva guna is of illumining character. It has the quality of equilibrium and manifests as light. Rajas guna has the quality of activity, excitement and manifests as the nature of movement. The nature of Tamas guna is inertia or darkness and has a restraining quality.

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