Do you know that all our so-called problems and sufferings in life happen because we have lost the respect for life?

This is the fundamental issue that humanity is facing now, we’ve lost the sensitivity for life due to a huge disconnect with life itself. When I looked back to the days before my spiritual awakening and the issues my clients and students are facing, everything boils down to this one blind spot – respect for your life.

What are the symptoms that show a loss of respect for life?

If you are spending your time in worrying, you don’t have respect for life! When you try to fill your emptiness and restlessness within with material enjoyments like car, house, accumulating bank balance, food indulgence and even in relationships, thinking they will fill the incompletion you are carrying about life. Any addiction you have, whether it is alcohol, smoking, sex, drugs or pornography clearly shows you don’t have respect for your own life! Falling into low mood, depression or any psychological disorder is an indication of your lack of respect for life. Any self-harming or suicidal attempt is a clear sign of abuse of the precious life that you are given!

The moment we lose the sensitivity and respect for life, we carry a deep self-denial pattern which is an incompletion we carry. The more we don’t respect for life, the more life will not respect us. That’s the law of life. If you spend your time in incompletions, doing all kinds of self-destructive acts and not looking at the life in the right context, you embarrass life because it means you’ve forgotten that the very life you have is a gift from Existence.

The way we behave, feel and respond to life, all come from a root thought pattern. According to a living master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) who defined the root thought pattern as:

“The first strong cognition you receive in your life, which influences you to continue to function based on the same cognition, is a root thought pattern! It is the pattern you develop when powerlessness take over you for the first time in your life. Your pure cognition is imbalanced and your mind is born!”

When we are children, there is no divide between a child’s world and the whole world, we exist in a pure state of completion. Until one day, when something went wrong which made a child fall out of the rhythm of existence. He or she was shaken to the root at that time in their lives. It could be something as life-shattering as a violent abuse or something as trivial as a mother leaving a child alone asleep. Sometimes it is fear, sometimes it is greed, sometimes it is jealousy or the decision to prove oneself; sometimes it is just confusion and worry! The important thing is how the child perceives the situation that matters; because whatever the situation may be, it is the cognition or ideas that the child forms about himself/herself and the world at that time that runs his/her life. This situation happens with everyone, only that the painful memory gets suppressed somewhere in the archives of the mind and people forget what it was that first jolted their existence. This limiting or negative cognition that everyone gives to themselves in their moments of powerlessness is called a root thought pattern, and it is the core thread of everyone’s lives. Unfortunately, these limiting cognitions live inside you for the rest of your life. You may or may not be aware of it, it is there nevertheless, like an undercurrent in all your actions and thoughts.

The only way to come out of the root thought pattern is through completion, science of poornatva! Swamiji revealed this science to help humanity get back to their original state of completion. Here are the simple steps:

Step 1. Remember the earliest incident in your life which has imbalanced you thoroughly; means, which made you feel powerless, cornered, shattered. It may be at the age of three; your mother just made you sit on the dining table so that you will not be playing around. This is the first time you remember feeling powerless and helpless in your life. Dig out the earliest incident you remember when you felt powerless.

Step 2. Now, relive this incident as if it is happening right now. Visualize that you are back in that moment in time, surrounded by the same people. How do you feel? Re-live it. Go through all those emotions and thoughts.

Step 3. When you are reliving the incident, see what ideas you give to yourself. See a) What you think about you? b) What you think about life and others? c) How you projected yourself to the others? (What actions did you take when you got jolted? That is what you projected to the others)

These three statements are your root cognition that runs your life even now. This is your root thought pattern. To be free of the root thought pattern, the completion process with self and others (svapoornatva and poornatva kriya) can be practiced regularly everyday. If you are interested to discover your root thought pattern and learn the science of completion, you can contact me.

In the Inner Awakening program which Swamiji conducts regularly, he leads the participants into discovering and completing with their root thought patterns to make a quantum shift in their lives in just 21 days. From my experience, in the presence of a living master, simply your incompletions start melting down effortlessly as compared to you working on your own completion. (More details about Inner Awakening

In essence, let us bring respect for life by removing all incompletions from our lives. It is only after completion that life starts in you, you even relate with your own life. Healing of diseases and disorders happens after completion. Yoga starts when you discover your root-thought-pattern and complete with it. The power of completion is such that it brings a deep respect for your life within you. Namaste. 😀

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