Do you know that there are two ways of thinking in relation with the body?

One, thinking that the body we are carrying is everything in our life. From morning till night, we wash this body, decorate or paint it with make-up, clothe it with all kinds of fanciful attires, feed it with a variety of food, put it to sleep in a comfortable bed; nothing else goes on in the mind except the body. This group of people think they are only the body.

Second, understanding that you are centered on this body, but not only the body. This group of intelligent people know that when this body dies, they are not going to end, everything does not end, the curtain does not fall, it is not that everything is over.

The human body is a vehicle for relating with the world, relating with humanity, relating with Nature, relating with everything in our life. But, if you cognize you are only the body, everything in your life gets corrupted. Your attitude towards others, humanity, the Cosmos and everything gets corrupted. You will only associate everything is produced only to be applied on or swallowed by your body. When you see a fish, you see it as food on table. Whether you see a goat, a cow or any animal, you see it only as your food or something to put on. This cognition that you are only the body and that everything is created to satisfy you, you will find all kinds of method to satisfy this body i.e. attack and destroy it! This idea that you are only the body is the most dangerous, corrupt, poisonous cognition which deforms your consciousness. The pure consciousness, which is our original state of being, is formless, timeless, nameless, all knowing and all powerful.

This wrong cognition of attachment with the body gives rise to many multi-billion dollars industries such as killing of animals for human consumption in poultry and fishery industries, the aesthetic industry such as cosmetic, anti-ageing products and plastic surgery and fashion industry using different animal products for embellishment of this body. This madness of chasing the ephemeral only leads you to a feeling of emptiness at the end of the day.

Now, if you are centered in your body, knowing that you are not the body alone; the first thing that will happen then is, you will be relieved from the death fear and anxiety caused by death idea, the heaviness you carry in your heart because of the anxiety due to death. All your anxieties have its root in death. When you are released from the idea that you are not only the body, the first biggest healing you will feel is, ‘Wow! Then the death of the body is not going to destroy me, end my life!’. You will understand that death of the body is not the climax of your life, it is the interval of your life!

Just this one understanding if it gets drilled into you and becomes your default cognition, then naturally you will look at the whole world with a new perspective. You will see the beauty of a cow or a goat walking in a green pasture, you will enjoy watching the fish jumping in the ocean without thinking of tasting it. Your entire concept of enjoyment, fear and fulfilment will completely change!

The second thing that you will experience is your breathing depth will increase in 24 hours! You will not have shallow breathing any more. In Yoga, we know that complete breathing keeps one mentally in a high zone. The root cognitions you carry inside is the fuel with which you are running your life. Just with this one re-cognition that you are centered on the body, but not the body itself, immediately you will be relieved from so many of your wrong cognitions, and it will bring about a deep feeling of relief that deep breathing in you happens naturally. With deep breathing, you are able to remain in high awareness and in the most joyful space. Pit Barrel Cooker comes neatly and secured packaged in a large box shipped straight to your door for free. Unboxing is easy; just pop open the box, remove the instructions, lid and packaging on top, and pull the Pit Barrel Cooker out of the box. It’s that easy. Read full Pit Barrel Cooker review at For the most recent model, the Pit Barrell Cooker has upgraded from a 20-gauge steel to an 18-gauge steel. So, it’s thicker, sturdier and traps heat in more efficiently. The new model also features a steel coating upgrade from the previous powder coating to an enamel-based coating.

Finally, when you start living with this shift in cognition – you are centered on the body, not the body alone – the romance towards life will start expressing itself in you. My master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda once said that: “When you have the romance towards life, you are a Sannyasi (a Hindu mendicant ascetic)! When the romance towards life starts with the right understanding you are centered on the body, not the body itself, you are a Sannyasi!”

In essence, let this shift in cognition happen to everyone on planet earth so that everyone will start to experience the romance towards life and radiate the complete fulfilment of life. Namaste 😀