Are you at a loss when it comes to giving guidance to your teenage child?

Be very clear, you are not alone because many parents don’t understand the right concept of grooming their children. By the time a child turns 16-17 years old, it will be too late because they will not listen to their parents which is big missing.

Some of the common issues faced by parents today with their teens such as:

  • Addiction to computer games. Online games make a child develop too many fantasies and shut down their higher order thinking center in the brain. when parents do not set boundaries and do not know how to control their teen.
  • Violence and Bully. Many violent behaviours and bullying are happening amongst teens because of wrong ideas about life created by the media and virtual world. In some cities, it has been reported that teens actually are beating up their parents.
  • Non-listening to parents. Non-listening happens when trust between the teen and parents has been broken and communication is destroyed. Teens do not feel a sense of belonging as they feel disconnected from being part of family. Teens are having too much influence by their friends and they refuse to listen to their parents because This also happens when parents are too busy doing their material pursues.
  • Non-caring for the body-mind and space. When they are not given the right context of their body-mind-space, they start developing wrong habits like eating disorders, perversions and mental disorders.
  • Falling into the wrong path. Teens are losing interest in study because of the educational system is not helping them to develop life solutions and right passion, so they start experimenting with all kinds of other activities like drugs, gambling, alcohol and boy-girl relationships.
  • Self-Destructive. When teens move away from the innocent space of a child and get into too much of thinking, they get into more and more incompletions or hangovers from their past which can lead them to destroy their future.

As parents, we need to update our intelligence and catch up with the changes in the consciousness of our next generation. There are a few important enlightening parenting tips that all parents need to understand and imbibe:

First of all, parents need to understand that at teenage, they are still a child and they can still be groomed to the right path and the right identity. Don’t give them the idea that they are grow-up because they still don’t know the dangerous side of things. Parental guidance is still needed.

Secondly, parents should create the space for their child to get back to innocence and authenticity. Authenticity means stretching them to their peak capacity according to their conscious identity. With innocence and authenticity, they will be clear about what they want in life and experience creativity and fulfilment.

Third, parents can bring all the broken pieces to wholeness using the teamily (team plus family) process by relating with their friends and start building trust with your teen. Parents need to align with their friends so that they become a part of the team.

Fourth, parents need to bring responsibility in the teens by making them understand every action they are responsible in life. The amount of energy they have is equivalent to 200 monkeys, they can really accomplish many great things in life if they are inspired to express creativity and their passions. The important trick is to make them a manager instead of a worker so that they understand how to execute. Otherwise, they fall into laziness pattern which becomes a big issue.

Fifth, we parents must connect them back to the reality of life. How you take are, make your child take care in the same way. You have to allow them to make mistakes now rather than later so that they learn the rope when they are younger.

Finally, it is very important to give them the big picture of life and align their identity to authenticity. Don’t allow dilemma in a child but constantly bring them to make decisions. When there is a confusion in identity, it creates dilemma in the child which leads to ignorance. Only when they decide with clarity, they become an authentic being.

In essence, it is time for us as parents to increase our right understanding about life so that we can provide the right guidance to our teenage child. Let us all help awaken the lost generation and shed light on the path to discover their highest possibility. Namaste. 😀



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