That year was 2005, I was diagnosed with cervix cancer Stage 3 and I had to undergo a procedure to remove the infected cervix. I was told by my gynae to monitor the condition closely for next 3 years to ensure there was no relapse.

In early 2006, I met my guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji). He healed me from the root cause of my cancer which was deeply connected to my pain and guilt patterns in a programme called Nithya Spurana Programme (Life Bliss Programme 2). After the rebirthing process and powerful initiation, I felt that I was given a new body and a new mind. Feeling deeply grateful to the master, I decided to become an ordained Nithya Spiritual Healer to offer the healing service to humanity in Jan 2007.

It has been 8 years since I have been initiated as a healer. Swamiji once said that his healers are his hands, we are the healing hands of Divine i.e. we become a channel for the same divine Cosmic energy that he embodies, to flow through us to the person who is receiving the healing. Being a healer puts us into the deepest level of our Being. When we go inside our Being, we naturally radiate energy and that energy automatically heals others. After all, healing is nothing but conscious concentrated love.

To be a healer requires courage because enormous courage is needed to kill our mind and the false ideas we carry about Self. By taking the healers’ initiation, we have to conquer our mind. He calls his healers “dheeras”– the courageous ones.

Another important quality of a healer is understanding that the way to expand consciously is to take responsibility. Only when we take up responsibility for everything that happens in our lives, we will start expanding. A healer lives with an attitude of “I am responsible”, that’s why I can see how my entire life has changed since taking up this responsibility.

Swami Vivekananda, an enlightened master says that “Take as much responsibility on your shoulders. The more responsibility you take, the more you expand. Expansion is the only growth, otherwise you will contract and die.” Only when we feel responsible for all that is happening around us, we become a leader. Till then, we are only a salve or a beggar. Only those who feel responsible as a consciousness can become spiritual healers.

When we feel the compassion towards others’ suffering, the whole thing takes the shape of responsibility and expresses itself as energy. Hence, when anyone takes up responsibility towards the suffering around him or her, they will immediately start radiating energy. When we stand up with responsibility, we expand and the divine energy flows through us. When we are free from ego and stand up with responsibility, atma vikaasa or expansion happens.

The first step in taking responsibility is to keep this body pure so that the divine energy can continue to flow through this body. That means only take Sattvic vegetarian food and also daily spiritual practices in the form of meditation to ensure energy flow is not impeded. Being a Nirahari (one who is beyond solid food) makes it much easier because we can avoid the chances of taking the impure food.

By taking up responsibility, we experience a cognitive shift in us, the mental setup changes as well. A new lease of ecstasy floods us and life becomes a celebration!

Two days ago, I discovered another dimension of healing when we start living in the space of Advaita – non duality. When I offered healing to a lady who was in coma in ICU for 15 days after the surgery to remove the brain tumour, I could sense the space of her Being. She had given up herself and life, hence her will is not strong enough to wake up. So I spoke to her Being and asked her to consciously decide to wake up as her family and children are waiting for her. For the first time, I was able to speak to a Being in coma from the space of Advaita!

When we provide this free healing service, people start expressing so much gratitude and tremendous respect that will come our way. People may touch the feet of the healers. There is a danger that the ego may be boosted if you don’t have the maturity to handle the respect.

One thing I am very clear – they are bowing down with respect to the intelligent energy which is flowing through this body, I am just a pure channel. He is the one who is responsible for the healing, I am not the one. I am just an instrument of God – the healing hands of Divine. Namaste 😀