10 things we can give to children

I’ve been working with children since 2010, I must say that these four and half years of working with children have been the most transformational personally in my spiritual expansion.

Children are our true teachers in life for they taught me so many things that I wouldn’t have realised about myself and life. It is our arrogance that we fail to recognise the divinity in children. Working with children is a quick path to expansion because it simply exposes all the patterns we are stuck with in life. We discover their space they are living is such pure space filled with huge possibilities. Unless you are able to accept that they know more than you, your ego won’t allow you to relate with them from the right space.

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Say ‘YES’ to Life

When we don’t have the right understanding about life, we resist life in many perverted ways.

Before I started my seeking, my understanding about life mainly came from my past experiences, my limited cognitions as well as the social conditioning by family and society. I was not so fortunate enough to have a proper guidance from a higher consciousness in my early age, so life felt like a dread for me by the time I grew up. The first thing that life made me experience was intense fear and violence that created tensions and shrinkage in my otherwise expanded space which I came down with. Next, I felt that life was filled with sadness, poverty, pain and suffering, jealousy, guilt, sickness and death. By and by, life became a struggle – to study, to make a comfortable living, to be happy, to look good, to please others, to fit in, to get married, to start a family,….no wonder life felt like a load. With all the ignorance and patterns of incompletion, I was constantly saying “NO” to life over the years. I was living aimlessly, being pushed and pulled by the fears and greed. Deep down, I didn’t feel I belonged here, I just wanted to go ‘HOME’, a space of joy and peace. I could see a default future I was heading – a life of suffering and diseases.

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Guru – The One Who Made Me Decide

Tomorrow is the Guru Poornima, the auspicious day which is celebrated by those who worship the Divine in the form of a Guru. This is the day when the Guru receives us into His compassion and wipes out even the most terrible karmas of life-times with His unconditional Grace. Many people cannot understand why this worship of another human form?!

You see, in the Vedic tradition, we believe that the Divine assumes the human form again and again as Guru to remind us to search for the Ultimate truth. As expressed by Lord Krishna, an incarnation in Bhagavad Gita JnanaKarmaSanyasa Yoga Chapter 4 verses 4.7-4.8, “When positive consciousness declines, when collective negativity rises, again and again, at these times, I am reborn. To nurture the pious and to annihilate the wicked, to re-establish righteousness, I am reborn, age after age.”

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