‘Life is described as per the Akashic records is existence. It is the source. It is the space. It is the end in which everything evolves, lives, relaxes. Whenever you assume you carry a body or mind, you are part of the whole you experience perversion of life. Perversion of life does not let you experience the completeness actual life itself. Remembering the life in which you raise, live, relax continuously itself is a Sadhana (spiritual practice) to achieve the source of life.

Life experiences life in various perverted ways. All those perversions only we call it as Life in human plane. Life in the plane of Devalokha (Heaven), Life in the plane of Hell (Naraka). Life in different planes is nothing but life experiencing itself in perverted way. When a Life experiences itself in its pure form, it is Cosmic life. It is pure Life. The flow of life in the level of body is stopped by muscle memory. When the muscle memories are broken, destroyed, Life is experienced as it is. When the muscle intelligence is awakened in the mind, life gets blocked through bio memory and the patterns. When the bio intelligence is awakened, pure Life is experienced by mind. When the innate intelligence of the Life is awakened, independent intelligence of the life is awakened, Life experiences itself in its full space as a Svatmarama, enjoying its own self, rejoicing in its very existence. This is what is enlightenment.

When Life reflects on the body, humans call themselves as alive. When Life deflects from the body, humans feel that body is dead. People and Beings who live with all 7 layers of bodies physical, pranic, mental, etheric, causal, cosmic and nirvanic are called human beings. Beings which live without physical but from pranic all the 6 layers are called Devatas (divine beings). Beings who live without physical and pranic, from mental all the 5 are called Rishis. Beings who live without physical, pranic, mental from etheric are called Munis. Beings who live without all the 4 physical, pranic, mental, etheric only have causal, cosmic and nirvanic they are called Ganas. People who have only cosmic and nirvanic shariras are called Devatas, who live in the cosmic state not like Devatas who live in heaven. These Devatas are worshipped as expression of the cosmos like Ganesha, Subramaniya, Shiva, Parvathi, Durga, Krishna, Rama, Buddha, with these names and forms they are worshipped. Beings who are living in a pure Nirvanic body, Nirvana Shareera is Cosmos, Life itself.

Life happens in millions of ways, reflects on millions of things on whatever it reflects, it makes all those things alive. When object on which life is reflecting loses its capacity to retain the reflection, life deflects and that object is considered dead. When life flows towards the objects using the object on which it is reflecting, it is desire. It reduces the frequency and strength of life. When life is rejoicing in its own presence, it increases the maturity and intelligence of life and life rejoicing in its own self is enlightenment. In cosmos, your body and model of your body made in any material, both are one and the same. The same life which reflects on your body starts reflecting on even the model made like your body, that is why all the deities become alive because the energy which is reflecting through the bodies of those Gods and Devatas starts reflecting even through the models, idols, deities made like them.

The pure source of life continuously decides to experience its presence with a deep joy and love and life above all has the core truth of existence itself. Life has no death. It only expands, expands, expands in eternity. Expansion without any end is life. When life vibrates in its highest frequency possible in your body, it is called Kundalini (inner potential energy). When it is in lowest frequency in your body, it is called death. As the innate quality of life is expansion, expansion, expansion and expansion, Beings do not need to have any fear including fear of death. All fears are illusory as the innate quality of life itself is only expansion. Every Being just needs to understand the method or the path or the flow of expansion. Every experience only adds to your existence and expansion.

When life reflects on something that also starts radiating the qualities of life, it is called body. When life reflects on something and that does not radiate any qualities of life, it is called objects. Reflecting on body which is radiating the qualities of life is living. Reflecting on the objects which does not radiate the qualities of life is desire. That’s a very innate natural tendency desires against life. When you understand the qualities and existence of life, neither desire nor fear, can have place in your life. When life reflects on something and that radiates the qualities of life it is body. All Beings which carries the body by nature cannot be attracted towards something like objects. If the body of the Beings is attracted towards the objects which can’t radiate the qualities of life, something is wrong the understanding about life has not happened to the living object, the body. Same way as the innate tendency of life is only expansion, expansion, expansion, eternal expansion, it does not need to be bothered, afraid of any fears or shrinking or losing.

Every experience adds to life. Every death adds to life. Everything is only expansion, expansion, expansion. Life in its pure source is expansion. Neither can be reduced to the level of greed nor can experience fear.’ ~ by Kalabhairava, Lord of Time and Space. Namaste 🙂  