I can say that one of my past insecurity patterns is with money or wealth. I grew up in a large family of eight and my father was a humble construction worker. Money was a constant struggle and often the reason for fights between my parents. At a very young age of 5-6, there was this one violent fight between my parents because of money which led me to develop a wrong cognition about money out of fear – “Money is so important because with money, people don’t have to fight.”. Money was perceived as a security blanket for me.

Living in a small nation like Singapore where we are constantly reminded by the government that there is a lack of natural resources in our country and people are the only resource that we have. The propaganda is always based on the same insecurity so as to keep us feeling inadequate that we need to keep running our lives to build our ideal dream home, happy family lifestyle and a comfortable retirement nest. That is the kind of societal conditioning I grew up with in relation with wealth.

This one incompletion with wealth created many other foolish patterns in me in this psychodrama called LIFE. Firstly, I started accumulating my bank balance by working hard the moment I was capable of earning a salary. I had the pleasure of seeing the bank balance grew which gave me a false sense of security that I didn’t have to suffer anymore from poverty. Secondly, I was so careful about my spending to the extreme of being calculative. There were times when I wanted to buy something for myself or others, but this insecurity and calculative mind would be so hard on myself that I denied myself of the fulfilment of my desire or being generous with others.  The self-denial would create a major hangover in me for days. Sometimes when I decided to give in to my desire, the item was no longer available or a missed opportunity. Then I would go into a feeling of guilt of regret and self-hatred. Literally this poverty mentality was a great torture. Another pattern is this insecurity with wealth also made me risk-averse in seizing investment opportunities because I didn’t like the thought of a reduced bank balance. What foolishness!!

Fundamentally, this incompletion reduced me into matter instead of seeing myself as a creative force and it also made me lose the trust of my ability to create and sustain myself.

It is only after I started my spiritual journey, constantly being awakened with the right Vedic knowledge from my Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda that I finally completed with this insecurity with wealth.

What has changed in terms of my cognitions and lifestyle after living the Science of Completion? Here are the underlying thought currents that run my life now:

  • Greatest wealth is having a powerful inner space. In Vedic tradition, so much focus and energy are given to purification of our inner space because our inner space, also called Hiranya Garbha (Cosmic womb), has the power to create and manifest anything it wants. All we need to do is to remove all the incompletions from our past due to ignorance which are occupying the inner space. I can say this is the greatest cognitive shift into liberated thinking because my entire energy is now shifted from outer world matter to the inner world of pure energy. Living in the space of completion means removing all the wrong cognitions and bondages we created through ignorance, we get back to our original pure state of being which is the space of completion. This is the REAL wealth that everyone should understand because: 1) we can create anything we want that brings us fulfilment; 2) the powerful inner space is the only thing we take with us when we leave this body, not the possessions. The space of completion is the real bank balance! Having experienced this powerful space gives me so much confidence in life that even if my wealth is taken away from me now, I know I can re-create everything again. Nothing is lost with a powerful inner space.
  • Laksmi is energy of expansion. The incompletion with wealth expressed in a form of insecurity only shrinks us and puts us in bondage thinking and depression. When I was running my life to accumulate my bank balance and material comforts in my 20’s, after a few years, my life hit a snag filled with agitation, emptiness and a lack of fulfilment. This same insecurity pattern made me go for quick short-term gains instead of focusing on eternal expansion. Finally life came as guru and taught me a big lesson – do not take short-cuts! I cognised that our ability to attract wealth is an extension of our consciousness which is a reflection of our inner space. Laksmi (Goddess of wealth and abundance) as expressed in Vedic culture is an energy that circulates with the flow of life. Unless we share generously and enrich others with whatever we are blessed with, the energy of abundance will not continue to circulate and multiply. To attract abundance is to feel complete with the insecurity with wealth and create a space of possibility and take responsibility to make it happen.  This understanding has helped me to build my own business based on sharing and rewrote my new future.
  • Wealth is just an energy play. The fundamental question that I ask myself is “How much wealth can I handle?” because a large wealth also comes with huge responsibility. I am very clear that I don’t need much to live my life (a life of  aparigraha) and I also don’t want to handle enormous wealth that takes away my spiritual practice. To me, wealth is only a means to an end, an energy play for me to do what I have come down here to achieve in my spiritual expansion and enriching the world. I have no hesitation to spend money on spiritual expansion on retreats and programmes for myself and family or even sponsoring friends which can help bring deeper understanding and experiences in establishing ourselves in a powerful inner space.  I am ready to put my money behind projects that can truly enrich the world with Science of completion and liberated thinking of enlightened consciousness.
  • Live well like a God. One big change I noticed is I no longer deny myself from the great things in life. I simply enjoy them without attachment so that I don’t carry any hangover. I may not own a big house nor flashy cars, but I feel that I live like a God on planet earth because I live such a rich life by constantly sharing the Science of Completion and inspiring thousands into conscious living. I enjoy the play of the divine (leela) by being an instrument for causing other’s reality. яндекс

The ultimate highest spiritual quality with wealth and possessions is an ability to give away everything when it is time to exit. In Vedic tradition, a sadhu (renunciate) is supposed to give away things whenever someone asks from him/her. This spiritual practice of giving away without attachment and ego of possessiveness will eventually lead one to a graceful exit at the time of death. That is one quality that I aspire to live by.  I know I am already making steps to get my way there! Namaste 🙂


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