Sacred Secrets of becoming a High Achiever

Life is about continuous expansion. If we are not moving towards expansion, it means we are contracting in life, moving towards death.

One of the basic important qualities for living an expanded life is to be a high achiever in life. Whatever may be your chosen field of work, whether as a professional manager, an artist, a doctor, lawyer, a road sweeper, etc, just decide to be a high achiever in that field. We need to understand that it is the attitude of being a high achiever that creates the juice of our life.

Here are three sacred secrets I discovered from my Guru’s life, Paramahamasa Nithyananda who is a living incarnation as well as my personal experience.

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Free Your Breathing

Currently, I am exploring a series of completion with pancha bhutas (5 elements – earth, water, fire, air & space) in human body and so many fascinating insights were revealed to me from the space of completion. I am also helping a client to re-pattern her shallow breathing; this gave me the inspiration to share the science with my readers.

One of the health problems that humanity is suffering is shallow breathing or a restrictive breathing pattern. This is due to factors like wrong body postures in a sedentary lifestyle, a restless mind, resistance to change and emotional traumas. While everyone knows the importance of having the freedom of the breath but many don’t know how to correct their distorted breathing pattern.

A few basic truths we need to understand:-

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Listen To Your Teenage Child

Last Saturday, I attended a very enlightening and enriching parenting workshop called “Space of a Child” conducted by Ma Rishi Advait who is the Head of Enlightened Education in Nithyananda Dhyanapeeta, a Vedic school in Bangalore, India. The topic was about “Teens and Tantrums in Children”. The biggest click I got out of the session about teenagers was – the Power of Listening. I realized that many of the problems we face with modern teenagers can be solved if only we listen to them without judging and stop making them what we want them to be.

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