The Day I Found My Most Intimate Enemy!

I had been working on my different fears ever since I started my spiritual work. I am beyond the fear of losing material possessions because I know everything is impermanent and I trust my innate intelligence and capacity to recreate wealth even if it is taken away from me. I have no fear of losing my physical and mental health because I know how to care and maintain this body-mind system and use it as a vehicle for my achievement and my intended reality. I can handle the fear of losing my loved ones because I know that death is a liberation and celebration given to every individual soul tormented by the ignorance that they are separated from the Whole. However, I realised that there was ONE fear that I was still not able to overcome i.e. the fear of my “BIGNESS”, the Unknown. This fear had been there in my inner space for the last couple of years till I attended the latest Inner Awakening Level 4 in Bali 4 weeks ago. No doubt that there were too many profound alchemy processes in this Inner Awakening, but one of the fundamental experiences I had was going beyond my last fear!

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Desire is Part of Your Existence

Is it wrong to have desires? Is the desire to have wealth considered a bad thing? Do you feel ashamed of your desires?

Desire can be a major conflict for many people when they don’t have the right understanding about desire. I am a classic example, because of various childhood conditioning, I used to think that people who desire to have huge wealth in their life is a curse, it is better not to have such desire and just live a mediocre life. I was also influenced by my superficial understanding of Buddhism which says “desire and ignorance lie at the root of suffering”. My shallow cognition was that all desires are cause of suffering. By desire, Buddhists refer to craving pleasure, material goods and immortality, all of which are wants that can never be satisfied. As a result, desiring them can only bring suffering.

It is no surprise that I didn’t choose a rich husband or have a desire to be a multi-millionaire! I was carrying many wrong ideas about desires which formed the basis of my cognition till I came upon the complete understanding of desires from Vedic tradition.

Here are the truths you need to catch!

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Evolve Your Body-Mind Through Yoga

Do you know that our original state is that of bliss (Ananda)?

In that pure original state, we are the embodiment of intelligence, love and bliss. However, many of us have forgotten this original state and we seek many other things in life such as material possessions, name and fame and power which only lead us in the wrong direction filled with intense suffering. It is our ignorance which is responsible for all of our powerlessness and sufferings. We already have enough energy and power, what we lack is knowledge (Gnana).

Time and again, the enlightened masters, sages and rishis, who happened on planet earth, constantly remind us to the truths that we need to evolve our body-mind to realise our original state of being. Patanjali, the sage who compiled the Yoga Sutras, warned us of the deeper truths about ignorance.  He said that Ignorance is the cause of unawareness of purusha (consciousness) about its real nature. Ignorance is the cause of identification of consciousness as matter, matter as consciousness and responsible for all the sufferings we have in our lives.”

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