I was reminded of a straight truth by my guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda – “Life can be equated to 2 things i.e. whether you have an ability to achieve what you want in the inner and outer world or just getting stuck in both the worlds. These are the only 2 equations.”

Life gives us the freedom to choose either to be powerful or powerless. To be able to achieve what you want in both the inner and outer worlds, you need to understand the science of manifestation. Manifestation is one of the oldest fascinating sciences in Vedic tradition. How an idea can be taken and put into the very source of our body and manifest itself as reality? Like how our body was manifested in our mother’s womb, we too carry a seed energy called Hiranya Garba (the cosmic womb) in which if an idea is planted and it can manifest. All of us have that cosmic womb within us. Any idea we put in the Hiranya Garba becomes a reality or possibility which directly adds to our life.

Whether you know it or not, the truth is we are continuously manifesting whether consciously or unconsciously.

All our sufferings, diseases, disorders and dissatisfactions are our unconscious manifestations. A man who continuously manifests unconsciously feels bound and unfulfilled. As of now, we are unconsciously manifesting which not only disturbs us but also disturbs others. When we go on unconsciously manifesting, we harass ourselves and others.

On the other hand, conscious manifesting means doing what we want to do, putting the seed in the right space and making it into a reality. A man who manifests consciously, knowing the science plays with life. His life becomes a leela (a divine play). Many enlightened beings like Krishna, Rama, Buddha know the science of manifestation, their leela are happenings.

Manifestation is a science of consciously altering the reality as we want and experience the reality as we want. The idea can be anything such as having good relationship, creating wealth, achieving in the work front or developing a healthy yogic body.

From my experience, I discovered that there are three important qualities in science of manifestation.

The first fundamental quality is high enthusiasm because creation is all about high enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is an internal quality of joy overflowing through your being. Enthusiasm is creativity which can never be altered for any external reason. Whenever you are filled with enthusiasm, those few moments you are experiencing God in you life. You receive the sacred prasadam (food). I had the fortune of receiving this prasadam from my Guru. Prasadam is not just food given, the real prasadam he gave me is the constant high intense enthusiasm in anything I do, filling my being completely with such intense joy and fulfilment. With this enthusiasm, I created a compassionate healing space with Your Presence Heals, my conscious manifestation to heal the world through the Vedic spiritual psychology and science of yoga.

Some people try to use addictions to get into the high enthusiasm. In reality, enthusiasm and addictions are the opposites. We can not create enthusiasm through addictions like alcohol or drugs. These are demonic excitement, not enthusiasm because it is unconscious destruction not creation.

Enthusiasm is an inner quality which happens naturally by awakening your Kundalini Shakti (innate potential energy).  Kundalini energy is life energy, when awakened safely by enlightened masters, it creates a high enthusiasm in anything you do, you radiate such high enthusiasm which is sacred. Extraordinary enthusiasm which forms the basis for creation is awakened only by continuous inner practices. Without inner spiritual practices if you create wealth, you will not have enthusiasm to maintain your life. When enthusiasm is awakened, wealth is just a by-product because your creativity simply attracts all the auspicious things around you.

So if you look deeply, the real wealth in life is the ability to express the high enthusiasm, not the material wealth. High enthusiasm is intense wealth which gives you the ability to handle life even natural disaster happens or when wealth is taken away from you. You simply bounce back because you have the confidence knowing that you can always re-create it again.

The second quality is an ability to create a pure inner space which is free from negative thought patterns or hangovers.  We need to know that the root pattern we created in us is the original sin which prevents us from manifesting. The process of identifying the root patterns of suffering and complete with them is the inner healing work we all have to do in order to return to the pure inner space. With completion, we bring ourselves to live with integrity and authenticity which creates the space of positivity and possibility within us. Our entire thinking will be in a positive space of possibility such that we will not allow any powerless moment.

The final quality is willingness to take responsibility for the space you are creating regardless of challenges. Many people who may have the knowledge but are not willing to take the responsibility to do the actual work. car insurance This means they are still stuck in the slave mentality, not expressing the state of a leader. Society may have created this hatred for work in you, but it is your responsibility to come out this wrong mental setup. One thing I learned from Lord Krishna, an incarnation who says “Ghano Karmano Gatih” i.e. Life’s flow is work, human beings are hardwired to work. If you are not creating wealth through your creative work, all your work is happening in the wrong direction. So fundamentally, we must be ready to take the responsibility not only in creating but also in sustaining the creation. The ability to feel responsible for everything around us makes us live in the space of leadership consciousness, Eshwarathwa.

In essence, manifestation is a science that is available to every human being because we carry the Hiranya Garba (cosmic womb) which is capable of manifesting anything we want. We just need 2 things – the right knowledge of the science and willingness to take responsibility to make it into a reality. Namaste 🙂



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