Do you know that the world’s most untapped natural resource is intuition?

Everyone has intuition; it is available in every being but unused in almost every being. The irony is – it is available very easily, but we seem to have lost this ability to tap into this natural resource because we have become too complex. Intuition is just like the smell of perfume, it disappears if we carry unconscious fear and greed. Our complex mind thrives on fear and greed. With fear or greed, they make our life juicy and give us something to do or worry about!

It is the wrong idea we carry about intuition which stops us from experiencing intuition. Normally we do not trust ourselves because since young we are taught by society not to believe in ourselves. Some people also think that having intuition is a kind of curse or suffering because it awakens one’s fear. This is true if one does not have the energy and intelligence to digest and handle the intuitive power.

What is the difference between instinct, intellect, intelligence and intuition?

First thing we need to cognise is – our interactions with ourselves and the world are always a mix of conscious and unconscious perceptions.  If the number of unconscious perceptions or actions is greater than your conscious perceptions or actions, it means you are operating at the level of instinct. If your conscious and unconscious processes are more or less equal, you are operating at the level of intellect. Intellect is what you normally use when making your decisions. Intellect uses only logic to act. We work more like a computer, running for small or big thing. Our mind is always counter-intuitive because intuition poses a risk to the mind and intellect. If your conscious process is faster than your unconscious process, you are using intelligence. Intelligence makes you more creative, more constructive. You know how to respond to life moment to moment, how to be awakened to the challenge of the moment. Intelligence is being aware of the situations; it can alter the answers according to the demands of the moment. The more consciousness you are able to bring into your life, into your responses and your decisions, the higher the chance there is that you are operating at the level of intellect or intelligence.

When you operate totally out of awareness, you make a leap to intuition. Intuition is when the decision simply happens as a revelation!  It happens from the energy of your Being, not from the space of the mind. We just know what is right, we may have little data, no precedence to support our decisions, but we just know. We are presented with many choices and suddenly one pops up.  Intuition not only gives us the power to decide but also the energy to implement the decision. When we work at intuitive level, we will feel rejuvenated at the end of the day. If you feel guilty, you are operating at instinct level. If you are confused, you are operating at the intellect level. At the intelligence level, you will be clear about the decision and live with it. At the intuitive level, you will have the energy to proceed into execution and experience bliss and a lightness of being. You will also have the leadership power to create the path to enrich others and have a powerful team.

In reality, we all use a mix of instinct, intellect, intelligence and intuition to handle our external and internal environment.  Basically, all 4 terms refer to the same energy working at higher and higher levels of consciousness. When intellect is purified, it becomes intelligence. When intelligence is further purified, it becomes intuition. All of us use all these processes at different times. Moreover, they are not clearly demarcated, but flow into one another.  It is simply a process of greater refinement of the same energy and greater awareness being brought in when handling the same energy.

In my own life, this entire spiritual work comes completely from the intuitive space. Even the name, Your Presence Heals, came as a revelation in a flash during the meditative state of being.  From my own experience, I like to share with my readers some of the tips which I learned in this process of awakening my intuition.

Here are 6 tips which you can practice:-

  • Be Simple. To re-discover intuition, all we need is being SIMPLE. The best way is not be bothered with intuition, just be simple. Being simple not in the sense of dumb or ignorance since being ignorant always carries a fear i.e. a fear of “I don’t know”. Without fear, it is simplicity. Suddenly that simplicity starts rolling your being in a different way. It is in the few moments of fearlessness that the intuition gets awakened. The difference between enlightened beings and human beings is they don’t carry the fear of unknown.
  • Trust Your Being. There is no separation between the inner and outer world, your being is the only world which is projected as outer world. Have a deep trust that whatever comes as intuition is reality. Don’t kill the intuition by trying to assess the intuition. You will not be able to distinguish between the mind and intuition initially, just put responsibility back on yourself without abuse or blame. The more you trust your being, the easier your intuition gets awakened.
  • No Fear of Failure. Our societal conditioning makes us so fearful of failures. This is one of the biggest reasons why human beings are not able to tap into their power of intuition. There is no such thing as failure because all so-called failures are nothing but lessons we learn in life to make us wiser! A man, who never carries the idea of failure, never fails. So, have a complete freedom from fear of failures, just be ready to feel insecure. If you carry too many ideas of failure, you will be deeply insecure but just have the courage to fail with intuition.
  • Live with integrity. Integrity is one powerful spiritual value that helps to reduce the amount of inner chatters. This is important in reducing the thoughts per second (TPS) and puts us in touch with our Being. Integrity means you fulfilling the word and thought you give to yourself and others, and experience a state of poornatwa – completion with yourself and with life. If you have too many incompletion within you, practice the technique of self completion continuously till you achieve a state of completion.
  • Be Your Own Light. As you grow spiritually to become a seeker, trusting your intuition is a given. At some point of your spiritual journey, you have to stop trusting anything outside such as psychic reading, astrologer, Taro card reading, Nadi leaf reading, fortune telling etc. If you trust anything other than your own intuition, all your attention and awareness will be sitting on these sources and you start losing your spiritual path. By being a seeker, you are expected to remove your fear and greed; and shift your attention in awakening your own intuition. Move away from believing all external intuitive sources, this is important process for enlightenment.
  • Yogic Practices. Intuition is the base of the Vedic Tradition as the whole tradition is about awakening our consciousness. We learn to grow in spiritual path by dropping our ego and awakening our inner guru. There are many yogic practices like breathing technique, kriya and meditations which help to awaken one’s intuitive power. In “Awaken Your Intuition” workshop which I conduct, these techniques are shared experientially with proper guidance.

In essence, intuition is like your inner GPS which guides you as you navigate through life. All you need is have the ultimate trust in yourself! Namaste! 🙂


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