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My spiritual adventure in South India

Posted on by Ma Durga

Two weeks ago, I went on a spontaneous two-week South India tour with a group of 5 seekers to many kshetras (sacred energy fields of Hinduism) – where I always wanted to visit but never could find time previously. I … Continue reading

Are you ready to receive the gifts of life?

Posted on by Ma Durga

After Suddhadvaitam process in Kumbh Mela, I was wondering with so many of us who had been initiated into over 70 yogic powers, how many will truly express the powers? What are the key factors influencing the expression of extraordinary … Continue reading

Guru ends the search for your Self

Posted on by Ma Durga

Today is the auspicious day of Guru Poornima – a Hindu festival that is celebrated as per the Hindu Moon Sign calendar to express reverence towards one’s Guru who is a teacher or mentor. The syllable “gu” is darkness, and … Continue reading