Cancer – A death sentence or a wake up call? You decide

Cancer – A death sentence or a wake up call? You decide

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3 reviews for Cancer – A death sentence or a wake up call? You decide

  1. Rosita Tsang (Hong Kong)

    Thank you Ma Durga for granting me this opportunity to have a sneak peek of her new e-book (part 2) by doing the translation. For me is like reading the essence of many scriptures and have a better understanding of our energy bodies.
    Most important thing is giving me a powerful cognition that all diseases are caused by our incompletion or hangover of engraved memories, therefore doing completion is one of the keys to keep ourselves away from diseases.
    The 6 cases that shared by Ma Durga, each of them teaches us different lessons especially when I read the case about Lisa, my tears couldn’t stop and I’m so touched by Kai’s tremendous love.
    Thank you Ma Durga for writing this book which is beneficial to everyone who is interested in spiritual healing as well as living healthily.

  2. Eileen Jesudason (Sydney)

    I have just completed Ma Durga’s book and read it all in one go, I could not put it down. It was so interesting and I learnt so much. She writes from the heart and with so much passion, it is very inspiring and has motivated me to do more in terms of more learning and more completions!

  3. Camus Ip (Hong Kong)

    She is CRAZY! – this is the first comment coming out from my heart when I completed the reading of Ma Durga’s new book.
    How can a person share all the sacred knowledge she knew unconditionally? This is the essence of Ma Durga’s study and life experience on Sanatana Hindu Dharma – the most sacred secret of Cosmic truths that lead ones to liberation. What a tremendous love and compassion it is! Ma Durga just does it – writes a book to share everything she learnt from her Guru and the sacred scriptures because she knows it is TOO IMPORTANT for ALL human beings on this Planet Earth.
    I am the blessed to witness the birth of the first edition of this book 5 years ago, Ma Durga shared the miracle of healing from cancer. After that, she dealt with more cases of healing cancer patients that the content of the book becomes more solid and powerful! All the cases are showing how Sanatana Hindu Dharma works on individuals as well as karma that affects one’s health and graceful exit.
    The most impressive part, for me, is how a lady tortured herself by her inner violence in the last few days of her life because she procrastinated the completion with her mother. In fact, it is not about cancer, the serious illness, but the incompletion planted in life killed her and even made her miss an opportunity to be liberated by the Living Incarnation. It is a click to me that I don’t need to go through all these pain and suffering, but learn from others’ life! The more I contemplate all the knowledge and experience Ma Durga shared in the book, the more clarifications popped up from my inner space.
    This book is highly recommended especially for seekers who are eager to be liberated at this birth. It is really a TOO GOOD book that you can’t close it until you complete the entire reading.

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