Surrender is the romance between you and Life, which results in dropping your pseudo identity.

The Sanskrit “Ishwara Pranidhanat” is translated in English as “surrender to God”, but it does not mean human being is lower and should bow down to the authority of the universe.  “Ishwara” – Brahman, Light of lights, means True Self at the same time.  You do not bow down to any authority, but to your True Self – the very YOU.

When you think Ishwara (Existence), do you feel it is too far to be able to touch it? Too vast to behold? Too difficult to understand or grasp?

Your birth is not a kind of punishment. You did not take birth to compensate for something. You are not coming back for your sins. There is no judge in any corner of the space because life is only happening in the space of Advaita (non-duality). There is no good nor bad, no beautiful nor ugly. You are coming to fulfil your life purpose, which is the top secret kept by your being who resides in your inner space. Bring friendliness to your being, rebuild the bridge from your presence to your being, then you can unlock this top secret of you.

The way to unravel the secret within you is to spend time listening to yourself. Unfortunately, we rarely listen to ourselves.  We are quick to accept all the ideas inserted by the society and we start making conclusions about ourselves: I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH. The suffering begins at young age when we compare ourselves with others.  The truth is everyone is unique and we co-exist as a part of Existence in oneness. Spend time to be in touch with your body, hold your heart and understand yourself because your being is connected to the Existence. Listening to yourself means – accept who you are, love the part you appreciate about you, witness the part you hate and drop the denial you carry about you. Your ability to forgive yourself will allow tremendous healing to happen in you, then you will experience ONENESS in you. Listen to yourself and allow that inner voice to be your guide, this is the first step to surrender.

What beliefs do you carry about life?

We become depressed easily because we carry a belief that life is not easy. We trust this negative thought current and empower it such that we manifest it as subjective reality in life. This process is to prove our belief is correct: LIFE IS NOT EASY. Just make a shift to a powerful cognition that LIFE IS SIMPLE AND BEAUTIFUL. If we put this new thought current in our inner space in replacement to what we always believe by trust, simply we will start experiencing a new reality.

Do you know the true meaning of LOVE?

For most of us, we just attach love to something or someone we think that is very important to us.  That is why we feel a deep suffering when we lose that object or person we are attached to. There are three types of attachment. First attachment is being attached to a person that makes us want to control the other person. The moment that person does not obey our wish, then we either become angry or fall into depression. Attachment to an object makes us become addicted to it. We will feel a certain missing if we are separated from it and we lose the motivation in life. The last attachment is being attached to an emotion. An attachment of emotion makes us seek for it constantly, even if it harms our body and mind. The right understanding about love not only liberates us from these attachments in life, it also brings surrender to the causeless love – love without reason, which is the very quality of Existence.

In sum, surrender is about learning to forgive yourself, relate with yourself like a friend and always provide listening for WHO YOU ARE. Namaste 😀 :