Two weeks ago, I conducted my first 2-day wealth workshop in Singapore titled ‘Attract Abundance with Devi Lakshmi’ with a group of foreign participants from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. Their feedback had been extremely encouraging especially when the message I received from Devi Lakshmi was she enjoyed the 2-day workshop and gave me blessings to take it to larger audience! So, I would like to share the knowledge of wealth creation in this article because we believe knowledge is free in Vedic tradition, you pay for experiences and transformation.

In Hinduism, wealth is of two forms – (1) Sangha Nidhi (Community Wealth) and (2) Paduma Nidhi (Lotus Wealth). Paduma Nidhi comes from the flowering inside i.e. creativity. Sangha Nidhi comes from enriching others and collectively creating wealth. No other form of wealth is recognized in Vedic tradition.

How can you grow your Paduma Nidhi (Lotus Wealth)?

  • Wealth represents life energy you express. Basically, the amount of wealth you create is equivalent to the amount of life energy you express in this body. Your idea about wealth is intimately tied up with your idea you carry about yourself. Your belief is highly influenced by the past conditioning from the childhood when you were just forming your identity. So be very clear if you do not have wealth, don’t blame anybody, it means you are not expressing life in you. Life energy is not happening in you due to, either wrong concepts about wealth or pure laziness. Wealth creation is an intrinsic part of life. Lord Krishna, an incarnation says it very beautifully in Bhagavad GitaGahano Karmano Gatihi” – the universe by its very nature works, works, works. Wealth is a natural result of this process. So, the more life energy starts expressing through you, the greater wealth you create.
  • High enthusiasm is wealth. Anything you do, just radiate high enthusiasm, that will become sacred. Let me share with you my experience – this body is constantly radiating high enthusiasm, it is a prasadam (divine food) I received from my Guru, Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, a living avatar (fondly known as Swamiji). Prasadam is not just food given, the real Prasadam is the high intense enthusiasm in anything you do, filling your being is the right job of the master than fulfilling your desires. Fulfilling your desires are too small, a real master fulfils your whole being. Creation is all about high enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is an internal quality, a high quality like your breathing. It can never be altered or arranged for any reason. It is just joy overflowing through your being. Enthusiasm and addiction are the opposite. Don’t think you can create enthusiasm through alcohol or drugs. Enthusiasm is creativity. Whenever you are filled with enthusiasm, those few moments you are experiencing God in your life. You receive the sacred prasadam. High enthusiasm is the real wealth. Extraordinary enthusiasm which forms the base for creating wealth, that extraordinary reasonless enthusiasm is awakened only by inner practices, without this if you create wealth, it will not have enthusiasm to maintain your life. Enthusiasm is an inner quality, it has to be awakened by awakening your Kundalini Shakthi (inner potential energy). Once it is awakened, wealth is just a by-product. Creation is all about intense enthusiasm, just radiate intense enthusiasm in any line you touch, maintain the high enthusiasm for at least 11 hours a day, suddenly your attitude and attitude towards life will take a quantum leap.
  • Wealth creation leads to fulfilment & non-violence. If a man decides to channel his creative energy to wealth creation, he will have wealth and fulfilment. This is because his energy will be moved towards creating wealth not destroying others. The consciousness attitude which works towards creating wealth makes one non-violent because his whole energy becomes creative. By creating wealth, it brings tremendous interest in life and non-violence; he becomes pro-life because he will be too busy with people, world and life. The consciousness attitude which works towards creating wealth makes you non-violent because your whole energy becomes creative. Creating wealth brings tremendous interest in life & non-violence. If you create wealth at least you will be directed in one line of creativity. If you are not creating wealth, be very clear, you will either spend time in destroying somebody or fighting with your own self.
  • The real wealth is extra inner space you have. The biggest asset any human being can have is free inner space, extra inner space! The extra inner space is the ultimate wealth! The free space you have inside, in which you can do your creation. When you unclutch from the difficulties, stress, sufferings, suffocation created by money, name and fame, you achieve that ultimate wealth, the extra free inner space!

Next, how to create Sangha Nidhi (Community wealth)?

First thing, wealth is created for you to enjoy. What is the use of wealth if you don’t enjoy?

  • Wealth should be circulated. In the Vedic tradition, there are 2 deities who represent 2 dimensions of wealth. The first is Kubera, all his life, he collects and collects and never thinks of spending wealth. Kubera just owns and hoards and finally someone comes to steal it! Hoarding wealth is symptomatic of the deep-rooted insecurity you carry about life. When you are afraid to share your wealth, it means you have a deep doubt in your ability to create more wealth. The second is Lakshmi’s wealth which is the circulating wealth. Only if it is circulated, it’s can be called as wealth. She uses wealth to enrich herself and the world. She creates wealth effortlessly, uses it freely, distributes it unconditionally. She breathes life into wealth, and wealth into life. Fundamentally, our attitude towards wealth is actually a subtle indicator of our attitude towards life. The truth is we cannot hold on to either wealth or life! Wealth is like water, we should jump into it, enjoy it but never possess it. If you are unconscious, you will not be able to enjoy wealth even when your life is filled with wealth. When you flow with the currency of wealth in your life, you will always be filled with abundance.
  • Share Your Wealth. The law of nature is this “When it is shared, you are showered with it”. When you are sure that nothing can ever be taken away from you, you will stop protecting your wealth in irrational ways. Then sharing your wealth freely in a form of charity become easy. You will not be exploited because you will have the intelligence to handle your wealth without fear or greed. Charity is a spiritual practice, it means that we are ready to take responsibility for the well-being of others. We go beyond our narrow boundary of selfish identity and become a channel for flow of wealth to all around us.

In essence, if you shift to these powerful cognitions about wealth creation and start aligning your effort, time, energy and life towards your creativity with high enthusiasm, you will attract abundance in your life. Namaste 😀