Two weekends ago, I conducted a 2.5-day Yoga workshop titled ‘Tune Your Body’ for a small group of ladies who came all the way from Hong Kong and Vietnam. For the first time, I am opening up the way Yoga practice has resonated within me as an expression of divine feminine consciousness. In my early days of Yoga Teachers training, I was trained to connect to the ontogenetic evolution (from infancy to adulthood) and phylogenetic evolution of human species (from amoeba to a 2-legged human) by the founder of this science, her name is Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen from Body Mind Centering. She wrote a book called ‘Sensing, Feeling and Action’ using different human developmental patterns to awaken the innate connection of the body-mind system. This knowledge has been the foundation the way how I apply to bodywork in Yoga. Interestingly, I also mapped this knowledge with the powerful cognitions which I was initiated by my Guru, His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) in last December in a program called Mahasadashivoham.  This time I also used the science of Sounds Healing by tuning the frequency of individuals. The outcome was a very pheromonal experience of a return to the space of silence and the depth of being.

In the introduction, the participants were given a powerful cognition that ‘Life is a continuous rhythm’, immediately their awareness is shifted to consciousness instead of matter just with this one powerful cognition because this cognition puts so much trust in life. All of us should take time off to experience the higher consciousness in life. Fundamentally, this workshop was an invitation for them to take a pause in their hectic lifestyle and give the time and space to discover other new dimensions of their body-mind system using the water-based patterns, to heal their body-mind at the Being level and learn how to play with their body intelligence. Not only they got a chance to experience Yoga at a deeper level, they also had a taste of the best things in life – nourishment of body and soul, enjoyment of delicious sattvic food and kindling a deep friendliness in the space of Cosmic Mother.

In the first segment, we explored the breathing pattern through an inquiry which brought awareness to the body parts where natural oscillations were happening as a result of effortless breathing. It helped them to re-pattern their distorted breathing using External Respiration. They applied this knowledge in their yoga asanas (postures) which facilitated a feeling connection with Mother Earth and spatial movement. In the second segment, we explored breathing pattern at the cellular level (also known as Internal Respiration) where breathing is experienced in all the cells within the body, here I requested my SPA business partner, Essie Chook to compose a special music piece of Sounds to tune the participants’ Nada (sound) structure at the cellular level. The experience shared by the participants through their art drawing was simply fascinating!

On the second day, they were taken to the next human developmental pattern – ‘Navel Radiation’ – a pattern which is dominant in the foetal stage where the foetus is connected through the umbilical cord of the mother. This pattern fundamentally shifts one’s awareness to the moving core and how to initiate movement from the core to the periphery. In this pattern, one ceases to be the mover but the one being moved by the intelligence of body. When you move your body from the awareness of fluid body instead of flesh and bones, many pains and aches can be eliminated. The participants not only learned a new skill to alleviate their body pain and heal their body, they also learned how to initiate the body movement from the core and moving with grace and fluidity. The next pattern was called ‘Mouthing’ which gave individuals a felt experience of levity in movement when they engaged the digestive tract or the gut. This pattern supports deeper backbends and in the transitioning of postures. In the process, they were put into the original space of silence by connecting with the Divine Mother through the spiritual umbilical cord where healing could take place. So many faces brightened up after the healing process and they gave a sentence of their state they experienced. From this inner-directed expression, they then created a dance forming a ‘Human Mandala’ to celebrate this newly discovered powerful space. As a facilitator, I was in awe to see the beautiful formation of moving mandala came alive!

On the final day, they put everything they learned in the last 2 days into a powerful guided Yoga practice, exploring their higher possibilities and intelligence of body. The last segment was LIGHT which was facilitated by another SPA business partner, Glenda Camus who provided them with the space to drop and complete with their past negativity and set a new direction they wished to fulfil for the next 3 months. Everyone appreciated this safe and nurturing space during the 2.5 days for them to experience their higher possibilities and higher consciousness in life.

I can say this workshop augurs the start of my new expansion using divine feminine consciousness as an expression in Yoga for sincere seekers who are searching for experientially powerful transformation using Vedic Knowledge and Sciences. What’s next? Watch this space and stay tuned! Namaste 😀