The last 7 months had been a period of great changes in my life. This morning when I was in the meditative state in Shaktipata (feeling connection) with Swamiji, my Guru, His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda, I felt the anger within me the way my life had taken a complete turn and certain things were taken away from me. I noticed this same anger with the Guru came from my past karma, not this birth. When I was able to witness the incompletion with life and the kind of psychodrama I created unconsciously for many janmas (births), I decided to drop this pattern of anger and hurt at the feet of the Guru. Finally, I felt a powerful completion within me, with Guru and life.

My experience reminded me of this beautiful story about Lord Krishna and an old lady’s cow from Srimad Bhagavatam which I heard from Swamiji.

There was a rich man who was devoted to Lord Krishna. He used to observe the Ekadashi vrata (a spiritual vow) every month. He would fast on Ekadashi day and the next day he would feed the pious people, the devotees of Lord Krishna. You should know that it is considered a great punya (merit), an act which will bring a lot of merit. Pleased by his vrata, Lord Krishna appeared before him one day and asked:” My son, ask me for a boon! You are doing so much wonderful work.” The rich man said: “If you bless me with more and more wealth, I will be happy to do this service on a large scale.” Lord Krishna blessed him with abundant wealth and the man was very happy.

There was another devotee of Lord Krishna, an old lady who used to think about Lord Krishna and meditate on Lord Krishna all the time; she was practically living with Lord Krishna. She was a poor lady and had only a cow as her property. She also observed the Ekadashi vrata, and the next day she would make a little butter from the cow’s milk and share it with a devotee of Lord Krishna. One day, Lord Krishna appeared in front of her, but he did not even ask her what she wanted. He just ate up all the butter and disappeared. And that very day, the old lady’s cow died!

Naturally, all the gopikas (Krishna’s female devotees) living around Krishna asked him: “What is this? That man is already so rich, but you went and showered more wealth on him and this poor old lady had only one cow, and you went and killed that cow and came back.”

Then Lord Krishna explained:” See, that rich man still has a lot of desires. No problem. He asked for wealth and I gave him wealth, let him do good work and enjoy, finally he will exhaust all his desires. Let him come to me for enlightenment when he is ready! But this old lady has no attachment other than that one cow. It is the only attachment which is stopping her from becoming enlightened and merging into me completely. So, I took away that attachment, that’s all! Now she will reach me completely. She will achieve JivanMukti (liberation) and the eternal abode of my feet.”

Swamiji said that when God loves you, you can never be sure what will happen! Sometimes He gives, sometimes He takes away; you can’t judge anything from outside. And many times, understand that He is expressing His love more strongly when He takes away something from you! Understand that when He takes away everything else from you, He is making a strong statement that you belong to Him alone!

This lesson certainly requires maturity of the soul whose only priority in life is enlightenment to grasp the subtle truth and surrender to Existence. Namaste 😀

Source: 108 New-Clear Bombs from Nithya Satsang by Paramahamsa Nithyananda

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