This week I happened to come across a few disturbing violent video clips on Facebook. Two videos were about men’s atrocious cruelty done to a street dog. The third video was about a man in rage lifting a young frightened child and slamming him onto his bed like a trash a few times and slapping his face. I was not able to watch the entire videos as it was too heart-wrenching an experience. One cognition hit my inner space – there is simply too much violence on this planet earth! My eyes became teary upon seeing the kind of atrocities done by human beings.

Looking back in my own life, I was not spared from aggression and violence in my family. Those hangovers from my childhood made me develop patterns of fear, self-doubt, anger and aggression whenever my survival was threatened. For many years, I suffered from the incompletions and these patterns which almost ruined my life. It was only after I met my Guru, a living incarnation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) that He taught me how to complete with the painful past and drop the root patterns of anger and aggression.

Here are some of the Cosmic gems revealed by Swamiji which have helped me to transform the pattern of violence.

  • Radiate blessings. Whether we want it or not, as long as we are alive, we will be radiating some kind of vibrations. Either we radiate vibrations of blessing – “Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu” – or we will be radiating the vibrations of negativity. Our decision to be complete with violence makes us become a blessing on planet earth.
  • Complete with SDHD. The demon in human life is self-denial, self-hatred, and self-doubt (SDHD). Everything negative you see in your life is nothing but the manifestation of your self-denial. Every person you deny in your life is nothing but the manifestation of self-denial because you carry self-denial in your inner identity, you carry arrogance in outer identity. Arrogance, anger, violence, everything you show outside because you carry self-doubt, self-hatred and self-denial inside. Complete with it.
  • Teach Science of Completion. The so-called modern education system, Macaulay’s education system that we are following is fundamentally violence-based. The modern education system is competition-based which breeds jealousy, anger and violence in children. The science of completion should become the basic knowledge, the basic education in all schools, colleges, educational institutions, so that the collective negativity is reduced and people are free from the suppressed hatred, violence, anger, lust, and all the suppressions are released from the system. The Science of Completion should also be taught through other available infrastructure such as media, rehabilitation centres, prisons, hospitals as part of their training.
  • Teach your family Science of completion. With whomever you are living with, teach them the science of completion. That is safety for you! Your life will be stable. Live with people who live with completion, who practice completion. Whether it is your brother, father, mother, sister, husband, wife, son, daughter, with whomever you are living, teach them completion. Make them live completion. Don’t live with people who don’t know completion because they will be creating karma chakras (wheel of karma). When somebody has incompletion of anger, when they pour that incompletion, they are going to create agitation, anger in somebody else, in the other person, and they tend to create the karma chakra. When somebody else carries incompletion, don’t think you need to correct them; you need to take responsibility to complete them. If you try to correct them, you will only create more enmity. More enmity means more violence. More violence means more arrogance. More arrogance means more poison. Bring Completion into you and others.
  • Provide listening to yourself. Whenever you are not able to control yourself, listen to yourself authentically. There may be moments where, because of your anger, violence, you are not able to listen to you, you are not able to control you. There may be moments where, because of lust and passion, you are not able to control you. In all those moments, listen to you, provide authentic listening to yourself. Everything is only psychological pattern. Lust or Sex is not biology, it is psychology. Anger, or “fight or flight”, is not biology, it is psychology. We are made to believe that the patterns like “fight or flight” are all survival instincts, that they are all connected to biology, whichListe is not true. Nothing is biology. Your biology is just your dead body! Nothing is biology. Everything is psychology. With this statement, the great news is – if everything is psychology, it is TRANSFORMABLE!
  • Bring integrity to your words. Clearly expressed words is fulfilment. The word which is perverted and hurting yourself is guilt. The words that hurt others is violence. The word which goes on expanding you is desire. The words which constantly keeps you in completion and expands you is integrity. If you honour the words you utter to yourself and others as your life, a huge breakthrough in your thinking process will happen.
  • Complete with fear. If we can bring down the violence level of the human mind, the insecurity level will drop. All incompletions boil down to just two patterns – Violence and Fear. Both are one and the same! For example, whenever people are kept in fear, they want to buy more and more weapons which makes the weapons-based economies rich. The moment that violence on the human civilization comes down even 3% or 4%, we will be violence-free as all the so-called big economies of the world will collapse, because they are all standing on weapons. Their whole economy is standing based on selling war weapons. We need completion, not army weapons.
  • Add authenticity. Stretching oneself and asking the same from others is authenticity. Asking others to stretch without stretching oneself is violence. Trying to change others is “Violence” whereas trying to transform others is “Enriching”. Change is different from Enriching. In Enriching, you are not focused on changing his character as you want for your benefits. You are focused on making him complete. Your focus is totally different. When you are Enriching, resistance, judgement, attachment, all three will drop in you. When you are trying to change, you will be so violent!
  • Revenge is not protection. Look into your life, at every step you are only planning with the possibility of revenge as protection. The possibility of revenge does not free you from danger! Revenge mechanism is not self-protection mechanism.
  • Love is a gift of completion. If you complete all the root-patterns, suddenly you will see lust dissolves into love. Love is the by-product of completion. Lust is the by-product of incompletion. The good news is – lust is not a root-pattern, because root-pattern starts before the age of seven, but lust starts only when your body gets matured. Usually, it will be the root-patterns like “I am not worthy”, or “I have to conquer”. It is the incompletions which form the basis for lust to grow. When the pure love blossoms, the experience becomes different. Violence, vengeance, anger, “I am good for nothing”, the victim mood, pattern of victimization, if all these things can be completed, then starts life!
  • A non-violent person wins any war. A person who does not have internal violence will win any war he takes up. If you want to win any war, somehow agitate your enemy and see to it that he carries vengeance towards you; you won the game! In any game of life, if you want to win the game, just drop the violence inside you. Zero violence and zero resistance! This is a spiritual truth and a strategy planning to wage any war in your life. Whether you are waging war for health, wealth, peace or enlightenment, have zero violence and zero resistance. This is the strategy which makes Swamiji win any war.

May the humanity complete with the fear and violence patterns. Namaste 😀