Last weekend I just had the most extraordinary spiritual experience of an altered state of consciousness called Nirvikalpa Samadhi using Aushada – a sacred energized herbs, in a workshop conducted by a living incarnation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (lovingly known as Swamiji). Aushada is the herbal combination, a combination of herbs, Prana (life energy), Cosmic force, energies and ultimately the Shaktipada (feeling in Oneness) with Sadashiva (the pure Super consciousness).

In 2010, when I first heard Swamiji gave the discourse about Siddha Tradition, I was in awe with the amazing contribution by this group of enlightened mystics and inner world scientists who tirelessly share with the world the most sacred knowledge of alchemistry. My thirst for this knowledge of Siddha medicine and alchemistry got ignited. Finally, Swamiji fulfilled my longing for this knowledge as his advent on planet earth is to revive all the best things in Sanatana Hindu dharma in a mass scale to the world! He is taking humanity to the next conscious breakthrough from human being to super human being. How exciting is that?! Aushada is the latest gift he is sharing with humanity and in the last weekend workshop I had the great fortune of experiencing it for the first time myself.

Let me explain the genesis of science of Aushada in Hinduism.

Hinduism is such an amazingly rich tradition with the depth of sacred knowledge. It gives the science of exploring the multiple possibilities and powers opening various states of consciousness and exploring multi-dimensions of the Universe. Sadashiva who is also the Adi Yogi (original Yogi), uses 3 major methods called “Mani, Mantra, Aushada”. Mani refers to the spiritual alchemy products which are non-invasive, they do not get into our body as they are kept near where we sleep or in the house we live. Mantra means the spiritual alchemy process where you sit in a Mandala (certain geometric formation) where a specific line and specific sounds are generated and initiation is induced by an enlightened master. Aushada means certain sacred herbs which you apply on your body or swallow it or keep it in your mouth which is invasive and it enters into your body and raises your state of consciousness or raises you to the other planes of the Universe. In a nutshell, “Mani, Mantra, Aushada” are the three Vedic technologies with which Sadashiva opens up the possibilities for human beings to manifest all the powers and all the 25 states of consciousness and exploring the 11 dimensions of the Universe.

Aushada is an esoteric science from the Siddha Tradition which is used to achieve the state, space, powers of Sadashiva, and to gain access to the 25 states of consciousness. The Siddhas are a small group of enlightened masters abiding as “consciousness that illuminates”. The ancient Siddhas speak of numerous remedies solving basic human problems using everything available in the world for that purpose – every plant, animal or mineral. Their medicinal knowledge remains unsurpassed in the entire world. It is the first system to emphasize health as the ideal perfected state of the physical, psychological, social and spiritual components of a human being.

This is an analogy – the Sun represents Sadashiva while the mirror represents the body-mind system which you are carrying, including the physical, physiological, psychological components all put together. Unfortunately, most of our body-mind system has become distorted, broken and disturbed due to unconscious living, hence the reflection will not be pure. We need to heal it in order to reflect the Source perfectly again. Only if the reflection goes back to the Source, it is one and the same, it can behave as Sadashiva, it can manifest Sadashivatva (space of Sadashiva), it can play the Sayujya Mukti of Sadashiva (merging in Oneness with Source) because there is no other component involved other than the Sun itself. One of the important components of Hindu Tradition is Aushada, it is one big supporting component to awaken the Sadashivatva in a human being, the state, space and powers of Sadashiva.

The ancient Siddhas researched and played with this most sacred science and are kept through secret coding within a lineage of enlightened mystics and incarnations. According to the Agamas (the source book of Hinduism gifted by Sadashiva), whenever Aushada is used as prescribed by the Agamas and Apta Pramana (experiences of enlightened beings), and Atma Pramana (experiences of your Guru), the Aushada heals the broken mirror we are carrying. The more the mirror is healed, the more the reflection of Sadashivatva becoming pure. Fundamentally, it all boils down to the integrity to the Source. If the mirror is not distorted, it is integrated to the Source. The science of Aushada – the sacred herbs prepared as per Agama – is the science of making the body as a pure mirror!

As a healer using Vedic Science, the latest gift by Swamiji brings tremendous cheers in my heart. He revealed that Aushada will eradicate many diseases and disorders on planet earth. What are the secrets of healing of Aushada we need to grasp?
• The first thing about Aushada is – it is life-positive. It always strengthens the health and prana flow. Whenever life energy is being sucked inside the body, it will cause miraculous healing.
Aushada works with the bio-chemistry of living bodies not the dead bodies like allopathy (Western medicine)
• The ultimate state a human being can attained is Nirvikalpa Samadhi, being in Oneness without even realizing one is in Oneness with the Source. Samadhi means falling in tune (Sama) with the origin (Aadhi) – the original Source, vibrating in the same frequency of the origin, from which you originated.
• The most fundamental, the most authentic, the most important experience a Being needs to have is Nirvikalpa Samadhi because it is from Nivikalpa Samadhi that all the best things in life start expressing, whether it is bhakti (devotion), shakti (powers), buddhi (intelligence) and mukthi (liberation)
• In Nirvikalpa Samadhi, you learn to function comfortably in multi-tasking with millions of identities and millions of thought currents without losing your mind. Literally you live like a God on planet earth!

With this context, you can imagine I was absolutely thrilled to have my first taste of the first Aushada which Swamiji prepared to give the participants across the globe the experience of Nirvikalpa Samadhi – the state of complete completion, inner healing of all the incompletions, erasing pain of the past. The moment we were told to apply the first Aushada on the three major points, namely the third eye region and each side of the temple area. Immediately I experienced a jolt as if a tremendous Cosmic energy landed in me. Each application on the temple just awakened the Kundalini Shakti (the inner potential energy) in this body. Swamiji then initiated all the participants globally into the state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi through 2-way video conference. Initiation by a living incarnation means we are pushed into this state with the support from the Source, not by our self-effort which may take a long time. During the initiation process, I felt being drawn inwards to a space of silence and restful awareness (called mouna in Sanskrit when the mind turns in), I experienced the pure ‘unclutched’ space. All I needed to do was to cooperate with this state and enjoyed it in the presence of Swamiji. On the first night of the workshop, I had a dreamless sleep while the Aushada was still on my face, the state of Nirvilkalpa Samadhi continued till the next morning. During the second evening process, I noticed a deeper healing of unclutching was experienced that I was not aware of this body-mind consciousness, I just felt so alive the next day. This is a BIG breakthrough in human consciousness! I am just too exhilarated by this possibility given by Swamiji!

The next Aushada which Swamiji had prepared will put us in the state of Ishwaratva (being Lord of your life) on 23-24 Sept from 7-11 pm Indian Standard Time. If you are curious to experience the miraculous power of Aushada, you can contact me via Namaste 😀

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