Are you one who often finds the easy and quick solution to a problem instead of taking time to find a permanent solution? What is your coping strategy?

When it comes to a problem, I’ve seen many people do not have the patience to find a permanent solution due to a lack of will persistence or fear of facing the reality. So they just escape the situation by giving up on themselves and others which leads to more suffering and permanent damage later.

I remembered there was this client who has a spinal degeneration, she has no patience to devote time to re-train her body; instead she opted for the invasive spinal surgery. She is now living the side-effects of post spinal surgery which is non-reversible.

Another classic example is my mother-in-law. She has been suffering from arthritis at her knees for many years which prevents her from moving around. Many years ago, she was given the solution from Tradition Chinese Medicine (TCM) which required her to give time and effort to treat it since TCM is a tradition that treats the root of the health issue. She gave up after a few weeks due to a lack of will persistence whereas her sister who was suffering the same health problem, she was very diligent in following through the treatment and she was completely healed. My mother-in-law just concluded that TCM was not meant for her, now she has to pop so many different pills daily for her condition. At 80’s, her sister is still able to move around in public transport by herself whereas my mother-in-law requires wheelchair.

It is the attitude we carry in solving the problems or crisis in life that determines whether we are going to resolve the problem or create more complications.

How to find a permanent solution to our problem ?

  • Understand that you are the Source of whatever happens in your life – Our present is due to the past decision we made, same way our future will be dependent on the decision we make in the present moment. We are the source of everything in our life. Since we manifested the problem, we can also manifest the solutions to get ourselves out of the bondage we created unconsciously.
  • Go to the root cause of the problem by pure questioning – The unfortunate thing is, everyone thinks that if they just handle the current situation and escape, they can save themselves. Any problem in life can be solved whenever we do pure questioning sincerely without any assumptions or conclusions, the solutions and completion will be revealed to you.
  • Have courage to confront your fear by completing it. – In any crisis situation, we always tend to make the mistake of thinking that by escaping from the situation, we can come out of the fear. But again and again, life will teach us that only by completing with our fear that we will be able to get out of any fear – never by escaping from the situation. Apply the science of completion, gifted by a living avatar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji), all mental patterns will simply lose its power over you. From the space of completion, you will develop the inner strength, knowledge and courage to face the problem as it is.
  • Have patience to go through the process – The consumeristic society we live in coupled with many layers of social conditioning, human beings have become so insensitive towards life. We only want some quick solutions to our problems. Everybody thinks the solution appearing in front of them is the easiest solution and they think it will be a permanent solution. This is often not the case! Patience and will persistence are required for one to look in and find a permanent solution to any problem.

In essence, Vedic tradition always emphasizes on permanent solution to any problem. You can come out of any problem as long as you have clarity on the root cause of the issues through pure questioning and completion, have the courage to face your fears and finally have the patience and will persistence it requires for the solution to take effect. Namaste 😀

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