Do you suffer from the parental conditioning?
Are you a victim of the societal conditioning?

I’ve seen many people suffer so much in their life due to conditionings. As I was researching on how the conditioning started in us, I remembered clearly one Yoga Sutra from Patanjali on “The Law of Making Laws” which Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) expounded in 2010.

The sutra states clearly: “Jaati Desha Kaala Samaya Anavacchinnah Saarvabhaumah Mahavratam” ~ Patanjali Yoga Sutra 82, chapter 2, verse 31

This is translated to “These great 5 vows – ahimsa (non-violence), satya (truth), asteya (non-stealing), brahmacharya (living like God) and aparigrahah (living with minimal things) are universal truths; not conditioned, not restricted by birth, place or time, circumstances or situations – beyond all these 4, these 5 vows are universal.”

All the conditionings of human beings from which we suffer are of 4 categories:

  • Jaati (birth) – The parents whom you chose to assume this body and the family you are brought up determine the parental conditioning, their thought patterns and the number of DNA strands being awakened in you. Swamiji once revealed that the parental conditioning disappears only after your death or after enlightenment. This shows the deep-rooted influence our parent’s muscle memory and bio memory have in us.
  • Desha (place) – The place we are brought up also plays a major role in the laws that are necessary for us – the country, the community and the environment. Country laws are created from the understanding of the benefits of living together as a community.
  • Kaala (time) – This is another important conditioning in terms of the time or period we happen and the right understanding on the concept of time in terms of the chronological time, psychological and cosmic time. The truth is we are not bound by time.
  • Samaya (situation or circumstance) – the way life flows as a happening can also create certain cognitions in us. For e.g. a child went to a beach with his father for an evening walk. In that walk, he witnessed a murder on the beach which shook him totally. The child’s cognition is the beach is a scary place. For 40 years, he avoided going to the beach because of the conditioning of fear made him miss the experience of enjoying the nature on a beach. Look at how certain situations create the patterns in us.

These are the 4 conditionings which cause the majority of the sufferings we experience in life. Swamiji revealed that whenever we go to the Source of the law – analyzing it with the 4 conditionings, we will be liberated by the law and from the law. Each law that tortures you, take that law and analyze with these 4 conditionings, simply you will be liberated from that law! The one who is liberated by the law, he can play with the law.

If these 4 conditionings are removed from our cognitions, what remains is only pure consciousness. So these 5 principles – ahimsa, asteya, satya, aparigraha & brahmacharya are wealth kept in our consciousness. They exist universally beyond the 4 conditionings, not as a law or rule. These 5 principles can be lived only when we realize they are wealth to us, they are both the law and energy that enforces the laws (both are called Yama). To realize this, we need to be awakened consciously by going into the source of law from where it comes from, then we will be able to experience the energy from where it comes from.

In essence, whenever we go to source of law, we are liberated by the law and from the law. Breaking the 4 conditionings is the first step to experience your consciousness and the  conscious wealth. Namaste 😀

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