Surrender to Life

From my last article, many of you may have read about the phenomenal 21-day yoga retreat called Nithyanandoham 1008 which is going to take place in Phuket from December 7-27 by a living incarnation, Paramahama Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji). Frankly, this program itself can’t be verbalised because it is going to be very experiential energy process which awakens the God particle in you. It is an open invitation from LIFE itself to explore the Unknown dimension of you. For some people who have been seeking in their life for a long time and who are in tune with their Being, the moment they cognise this invitation, they simply take the jump with a leap of faith and a deep trust in the Master.

However, for most people who are centred on the mind, they need more understanding, convincing and removing the obstacles they face in their life. In the process of enriching people for this life-transforming opportunity, it made me learn so much about the work of the cunning mind and the ways how people miss LIFE again and again. I also cognise that the whole process of making the conscious decision to spend 21-day with a living incarnation is a process of surrendering one’s mind.

Swamiji once said that ‘Surrender is nothing but merging with Existence, with no identity of ‘I’ and ‘mine’. When you surrender, it means the death of the mind, your ego. Ego is nothing but feeling yourself to be a separate entity from Existence. This feeling happens as a result of a strong ‘I’ and ‘mine’. The mind is a direct conflict to the being whereas the being always concurs with Existence.

In the process of going to this retreat, one can see how the mind invariably comes in the way. Although the Being knows, but the cunning mind continues to doubt. Our mind can only exist in the oscillation between the past or the future. It is only in the present moment that the mind does not exist, hence there is no past nor future, we become open and innocent like a child.

I’ve seen that so many devotees and seekers who are not able to surrender the mind. There is one devotee who is very stuck in the past, he is so afraid to open up his traumatic past that he just drops out of the opportunity to be healed and transformed by life. Even if life gives the blessing for him to be there without any struggle on the financial part, somehow he finds a way to either postpone or escape from life. Another devotee who is too busy working on her future business plan, she was unable to let go her plan and live with utter insecurity of loss of future income. She missed life too. Another seeker who was stuck on the fear of her Unknown and the need for acceptance by her family, she just gave up on herself because she was not able to convince her family why she had to attend this retreat. One intelligent devotee who was able to surrender his intellect when he saw someone like Ma Nithyadevi who is more intelligent than him and she was able to answer all his doubts, he simply surrendered and took the jump to life. Good for him!

For those who are more centred on the heart, the emotional surrender happens when they feel deeply connected to the Master. They start respecting master’s guidance much more than their emotions. For these people, the master has become the centre of their life and a shift in priority happens. For them, a feeling connection with the master is enough to move them there.

Finally the deeper level of surrender is the surrender of the senses to the Master. The Master stands for the ideal “You are Infinite.” There are many dimensions in your being, which you have not yet explored and experienced. He is showing you so many dimensions of your being to yourself! As of now, your senses can only cognise that you are body and mind. But according to him, you are God. Only when you trust the Master more than your senses, you will realize – Master’s words are true. I’ve seen one seeker who had surrender her senses to the Master, she simply starts having direct guidance from him and expresses extraordinary intuition in sensing people. She made a list of her friends to the Master whom she would like them to attend this retreat. By surrendering her senses and constantly making herself available for her friends in removing the obstacles that come their way, everyone on her list made it to the retreat!

In this process, one thing I am still learning – that is to drop everything and surrender whatever I know as life, whatever I know is only my knowledge; it is not what is. The “I” and “Mine” need to drop at the Master’s feet!

In essence, ‘Surrender’ does not mean you will lose everything in life, you are not going to lose anything when you surrender, you are only going to gain everything and merge with Existence. Namaste 😀

Awaken the bio energy – the God particle in you

Last month, I attended a mind-blowing webinar by a living incarnation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji). He revealed the 3 components in every human beings – firstly, the Muscle memory which is the place where day to day activities are stored; secondly, the bio memory which is the place where all your cognitions about you, life, nature, God are recorded. Lastly, the Bio Energy is the power, the space where pure cosmic energy exists in you, the unit of God in you.

Every human being has the same quality of Bio-energy, although it may vary in quantity individually! The God particle in you is your bio energy. There is no difference between the quality of God and God particle in you which is bio energy. So if the God particle or the bio energy in you is awakened, this energy will also awaken your muscle memory. When that happens, your day to day life becomes miraculous because all your possibilities are awakened in you. All the possibilities of an incarnation are awakened in you.

Some of the techniques which Swamiji shared with humanity in awakening our muscle memory include Nirahara Samyama – an ability to go beyond food and hundreds of different kriyas for different diseases and Kundalini Shakti (inner potential energy) awakening methods. To awaken the bio memory, he shared with the world the powers of third eye awakening, science of levitation, materialization, teleportation and many extraordinary powers. This is achieved by changing the cognition you carry about you, world, life, nature, all that, where all your possibilities are awakened; all your possibilities have opened up.

Come this December 7-27, Swamiji will be conducting a powerful 21-day program called Nithyanandoham 1008 in Phuket, Thailand, which is specially designed to awaken the bio energy! All possibilities, extraordinary powers that you can’t even imagine now, will start expressing through you, you have to come and experience it yourself. The Nithyanandoham 1008 program is to awaken all the three dimensions in us: the muscle memory, the bio memory and the bio energy; fundamentally awakening the God particle in all of us, which is quantitatively maybe different, but qualitatively exactly as God is. Nithyanandoham 1008 is to awaken the God Particle in each being.

Swamiji revealed further that “Awakening your bio memory only awakens your possibilities, awakening your bio energy is awakening the God Particle in you. Nithyanandoham 1008 program is all about the God particle in you. Awakening of the God Particle, reminding the God Particle, it is God! It may be particle but it is God!”

He shared that when we were at young age, the God particle was awakened but we forgot about this dimensions through conditioning and incompletions. You will know that you have been cheated by humanity, we have been wrongly introduced to you about you.

What are the benefits of awakening the God particle in you?

• You will become efficient in every aspect of your life which makes you a great leader
• You will discover your powerful Presence such that all the karma patterns will be broken
• You will have such a deep feeling connection with Cosmos – the Whole that you start radiating love and friendliness
• Your life is literally a liberation and blissful celebration

If you are starting to feel excited, you are welcome to join a group of sincere seekers globally who are going to be part of this phenomenal cosmic happening. Here is the Inner Awakening website link- for registration. Don’t miss the last flight to the conscious shift which is ending in December 2015, let this be the greatest gift you ever give to yourself. Namaste 😀

Home at Guru’s Home

Last week, I spent an extraordinary 8-day Teachers Training program for kids in the Bidadi ashram of my Master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji). This trip was originally planned for July but it got postponed to October due to some family events. It turned out to be the best decision for me because everything happened so beautifully as a result of the delayed gratification and completion with family!

The moment I entered into the gate of the ashram after midnight, there was a sense of home-coming after being away for 2 years. The smell of the air was so fresh and divine. The Kalabhairava (Lord of Time) deity greeted me at the guardhouse and I offered my respect to the Lord of Time. Everything made me feel so welcome by the Guru’s grace. It was easy for me to immediately assimilate into the spiritual routine in the ashram – starting with 4 am yoga practice followed by 6 am Paduka Puja/Nithya Kirtan (Offer of gratitude and Devotional dance) and then 7 am Nithya Satsang (discourse). Thanks to the days of training in Inner Awakening program which helped me to settle into the pulse of the ashram life.

I thought my sole purpose of this trip was to attend the teachers training called Nithya Dhyaan Yoga for kids but what I didn’t expect was the surprises that awaited me.

The first pleasant surprise was the opportunity to volunteer in the kids programme called Kalpataru for kids which was to assist the children in the practice of 3rd eye awakening and conduct a yoga practice. There were over 80 children from Tamil Nadu and some were from the villages. They were so fascinated by someone which is of a different race taking the class. Their space was so innocence and beautiful.

The second wonderful surprise was the amount of time I got to spend with Nithyananda Gurukul kids and experienced their powerful space of possibility. The Gurukul kids are literally a living enlightened master’s extension, they live and breathe the Guru’s teaching and bio memory. They radiate such extraordinary presence and confidence as well as a complete surrender to the Master. I was given a chance to teach them morning yoga for five days, had several interactive sessions with them to catch their space and find out life living around the Master.

All the Gurukul children had their Third Eye awakened i.e. the awakening of the inner intelligence by the living incarnation that enables them to open up new possibilities in their lives. The Third Eye is represented in the space between the two eyebrows. It is the portal through which one can connect to the rest of the Universe. This connection is the basis of all yogic powers that any human being can express.

One Gurukul child shared with us about her experience in reading the message in Swamiji’s inner space during Kumbha Mela (a spiritual gathering in September). At first, she didn’t know how this could be done. But just by her sheer trust and surrender to the Guru, the words appeared in her inner space. Her experience just gave me such a big click that it is only with deep trust and surrender to the Master that miracles can happen. This is such a precious direct experience, something I would like to transmit to the kids.

Another fascinating experience was their ability to scan the body for any disease or health problem using the Third Eye power. They happily did a body scan for our group and correctly identified the body issues and energy block of each participant. We were totally flabbergasted!

What struck me was their powerful space and trust in the master which can cause miracles in Nature such as an ability to make the rose plants drop its thorns, to get the mango trees to bear more mangoes which are low-hanging, an ability to manifest the turtles as their pet and to cause rain just by doing Rudra homa (a fire ritual). Fundamentally, these kids are living in a divine plane where their lives are designed for enriching the world. The Gurukul (Vedic school) is like an incubator for these extraordinary beings to flower into divine beings under the direct guidance of a living incarnation. I can’t imagine when these children grow up, the kind of conscious waves of transformation they will create on planet earth. Amazing! The more time I spent with them, the more joy and bliss I experienced in their presence.

One thought which came to me – If many more kids in the world can experience this powerful space and confidence, the collective consciousness of the world will experience a quantum shift to enlightened consciousness – Satya Yuga. One thing for sure – I am going to be part of this reality! How excited I am!

In essence, spending time in the Guru’s home is tantamount to entering into a totally different plane of existence – the Guru’s garbha (Cosmic womb). Many great things happen just by His divine’s grace! I look forward to the next trip when He calls again. Namaste 😀