Once my husband asked me why I am constantly sharing my spiritual experiences on Facebook. I told him that I learned from Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita that it is only by sharing and enriching others that I will continue to retain the divine energy in my heart. In fact, I don’t only share, I go one-step further by teaching people how to have spiritual experiences too.

In Karma Yoga of Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3 Verse 12, it clearly states that: ‘Satisfied with the selfless service, the celestial beings certainly award you the desired necessities of life. He who enjoys the things given by them without offering to the celestial beings is certainly a thief.

I must say this verse gave me one of the greatest clicks – by not sharing the divine energy with others, we become a thief. My Master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) explains that if we regard such transformational occurrences as encounters with God, we can build a permanent shrine for deity in our heart by taking action. Each time we share our insights, each time we allow compassion and wisdom to move us, we are inviting the Divine Presence to make its home inside our Being.

He gave another important insight – Whenever we are flooded with divine inspiration, the spiritual energy remains at its peak for a period of twenty-one hours. After that it begins to wane unless we take action to share it with others and manifest it as an enduring event in our lives.

Fundamentally how can we integrate our experiences so that they become inscribed in us permanently?

One important understanding we need to grasp is that all divine energies enrich our life in different ways, from this understanding we feel grateful to receive such divine blessings and we offer our gratitude. Take an example, if you are feeling grateful, you won’t be polluting the nature like river, air and forest or raising the temperature of planet earth. By feeling grateful, respectful and worshipping nature keeps Mother Nature happy and the tuning is maintained. The gratitude you feel towards nature keeps the whole thing in tune. When you worship nature, nature protects you. There will be no life if nature is not maintained. People who cheat nature are the ones creating global suicide.

Second understanding is that each experience such as love, compassion or bliss (Ananda) is divine energy. You need to support it with divine actions to enrich those energy in order for the divine energy to stay in you permanently by doing the actions. Naturally if you don’t support it, you are just a thief as described in Bhagavad Gita. If you are not giving back, naturally the divine energy will not continue to bless you. Whenever you experience the love and compassion, you have to perform the actions and then that experience stays with you forever.

When you experience something and immediately act on it within 21 hours, then you are doing the “Yanjna”- meaning do sacrifice or giving the feeling connection to others. Immediately such energy becomes auspicious and become permanent in you, if not it fades away, leaving you just a being. By not doing the action, you are a thief and simply the energy will leave you after 21 hours. Each bliss you feel is a Divine energy. However, if you are not respecting them, then you are just stealing.

From my experience, the best way for us to act and express is through Seva (doing volunteer work). If you have the feeling connection with the Master, start doing the action. By doing action of enriching, you share the feeling connection with others. That is the best Seva which makes the divine energy stay in you forever. Any honesty or sincerity which is not supported by action within 21 hours will die down without the fuel. Catch this truth!

In essence, whenever you are blessed with divine experiences, always give your gratitude to the Source and share with others so that they can also be inspired to tread the path of spiritual awakening. Namaste. 😀

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