Giving care from the pure space of completion

Yesterday I had the fortune of conducting a special 3-hour workshop on Self-care for a group of caregivers which turned out to be an excellent learning experience for me.

Caregiving is catching on in a big way since Singapore is an increasing ageing population and a developed nation with a staggering health care cost. As such many of caregiving responsibilities fall on the family members such as the spouse, sibling or children. More than 50% of caregivers are women. In USA, although 75% of the current caregivers feel they are capable of giving care, 49% feel overwhelmed, 36% report experiencing depression, and 65% have not had a vacation for the past one year. This statistics showed that caregiving can be a challenging responsibility which is not for the faint-hearted.

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From self love to universal love

On this Wednesday, I started a new samyama (a yogic technology to express extraordinary powers and experiences through the body) on LOVE, which was taken from Patanjali Yoga Sutra (No. 130 Chapter 3 and verse 24). This samyama had given me deeper insights about love, self-love and universal love which really inspired me.

So what is love?

Love is a flower that blossoms within our being and sends out a sweet fragrance that we share it with others. Love is the most beautiful thing a human being is capable of feeling. Love is an energy that radiates happiness in all people as it brings many positive feelings such as compassion, forgiveness, fearlessness, gratitude, unity, courage and freedom. Love is the energy that is responsible for the sparkles in your eyes, the glow on your skin and the constant excitement and freedom you experience in life.

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A new way of living with awakened 3rd Eye

Three months after the initiation into the 3rd eye awakening by Swamiji, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, how has life been?

Honestly, I am still learning a new way of living and being with this gift of an awakened 3rd eye. It is said in many spiritual records that an activated Agna chakra, 3rd eye (which coincides with the pineal gland) opens up many possibilities to experience other dimensions or frequencies of the spiritual world. It means one treads in the zone of the Unknown – God consciousness. Swamiji declared that man plus 3rd eye equals to God.

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