From my recent cases with my clients, I am beginning to realize the importance of having a clear inner image about oneself – the very idea you carry about you and being authentic about this inner image plays a major role in opening the heart center for the flow of loving energy. When you are not authentic about who you hold yourself for yourself, you will be suffering from a constant need for attention and approval from others. This pattern actually blocks the heart center (Anahata chakra) and make you insensitive and violent.

The pattern of seeking constant approval from others gets formed when we don’t have the clarity of who we truly are, instead we perceive ourselves through a bunch of societal conditioning. Before I had my inner awakening and the Vidya (right knowledge to reinvent myself), I too suffered from this pattern in the past. There was a time when I perceived my inner image from a bunch of incompletions and my past failures. In that powerless state, I craved for approval due to self doubt. It was the knowledge of 4 spiitual values of – Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, the Science of poornatva (completion), which was taught by a living master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, (fondly known as Swamiji), which created a major shift in my inner space and my perception of self, others and the Whole.

The power of integrity and authenticity helped me to experience what I feel as me – with self love, I am able to experience a tremendous love for every being. I begin to understand and accept the flaws inside me were due to past incompletions, they are not real and I can accept me as I am and the diversity of the Whole.  Layers upon layers of ideas I have to accept before I can accept myself as the pure consciousness and that I am in everything and everything outside is a part of me.

By taking responsibility for your inauthenticity, the instinct for hurting others for your sake and the instinct to sacrifice yourself for others, you take responsibility for both one by one as it comes, you complete with them when the violence comes. With a ferocious decision to align back to authenticity, all inauthenticity will simply melt down. You will accept the anger and violence you carrying inside, it will lose power over you. There comes a time when you will know how to take responsibility for others’ violence. Violence is nothing but inauthenticity. The compassion you radiate despite other’s violence is not a weakness, it is a power by itself.

As you start travelling in your spiritual journey and living your life with integrity and authenticity of your best inner image (mamakara), your inner image is the Hiranya Garbha – the source of all possibilities. If you are not stuck with any inner image, you will fall in the pure space of abyss, you would have gone through all inner images and possibilities, you learn to accept them and take responsibility for them. The more you become authentic, the more you will be able to handle multiple inner images and take responsibilities for all inauthenticity.

Here are some steps to bring integrity and authenticity about your inner image:

  • Scan your whole life, and identify all the aspects of your life that are in conflicting experience about yourself such as health, work, relationships, spiritual path. Areas of your life where you feel powerless or experience conflict within your life, there is certain inauthenticity
  • Don’t just doubt your actions but doubt your very idea you carry about “You”
  • Identify the thought currents and the words you uttered to yourself which is not matching to your peak capacity
  • Identify the root incidents which you started having this low inner image and complete with them
  • Identify words which you did not honour to yourself and restore Integrity & Authenticity through completion with yourself
  • Words are energy, use positive words to yourself which is life-affirming and repeat it every day

In essence, the pattern of attention need and approval seeking can be completed if we start aligning our inner image with the spiritual values of integrity, authenticity and responsibility, simply the heart center will start radiating so much loving energy that it flows to enrich the other beings and the entire Universe. Namaste 😀