Design composed of cutout of male head and symbolic elements as a metaphor on the subject of human mind consciousness imagination science and creativity

I’ve been exploring casually the science of human’s inner space in the last 2 years using power of visualization. It was only last year that I started teaching it in my yoga class. On this Monday, I had an astounding experience with a Fasting group because I was able to take the students beyond their self-imposed limitations of their mind. It not only fundamentally shifted their understanding experientially about power of the mind but also increased their self confidence in their own body and practice. For me, it gave me so much fulfilment in moving them into the space of possibilities which is the real purpose of Yoga.

Basically, what I did was I took them through a simple experiment of showing them the power of visualization in integrating the intention and body-mind into creating a new reality in their practice. Next, I performed the different yoga sequences like Surya Namaskar and a few challenging postures while they observed my movements and body language. Then they visualized themselves performing the exact movements in their inner space and finally they just moved into manifesting the same thing in reality.

Voila! They were surprised to experience that they were able to perform the seemingly challenging movements with so much awareness and fluidity. Some of the feedback I received included – the movements were so much easier and organic, they felt in control of their body, one of the ladies was able to let go of her fear of her pain from the injured left ankle, one lady was surprised to see that she was able to do the shoulderstand effortlessly which she was not able to previously. One elderly lady came by to talk to me after the class and shared with me that she never thought she could do yoga due to her inflexibility and that one lesson created the possibility that yoga is something she can explore further. I was absolutely thrilled to hear such a shift!

So what’s the science behind this phenomenon? A few truths we need to understand:

  • Human beings have the energy to create any reality. In Vedic tradition, the first truth is – Human-beings are endowed with the energy to make what they want in their life as reality. We are endowed with enough of Kundalini energy, the inner potential raw energy to make what you want as reality.
  • Our inner-space is equivalent to a Cosmic womb. How in the womb a child can grow, another one life can grow, in the same way, in our inner-space, whatever you want can grow, and it can be made into reality, it can be delivered! Our inner-space is called “Hiranya Garbha”, “Chidakasha”, “Chidambara“. All these different words are used for our inner-space. Anything we create in our inner-space and ready to take the responsibility for it, we can manifest it! By the power of visualization, they basically aligned the body and mind with their power of intention.
  • Mirror Neurons of a higher possibility. There was a research paper where they have clearly established with various analysis, researches, one very powerful truth of mirroring neurons. For instance, if somebody is swimming in the ocean and you stand and watch, whatever brain activity is happening in that person’s brain (the swimmer’s brain), whatever activities are happening in his brain, in his neurons even if you are watching, the same activities are mirrored in your brain, the same neurons are mirrored in your brain! If you are watching totally, the same effort is mirrored totally in you. If you are absorbed in it, and you also know a little swimming, by standing and watching, both brains (yours and the swimmer’s) are in the same frequency, undergo the same effect, and have no difference! If somebody is swimming in the ocean, you are standing and watching, if you don’t know swimming, if you are not completely absorbed in it, may be some 80% is mirroring. If you are absorbed in it and you also know swimming, there is no difference at all between swimmer’s brain and your brain! The mirroring effect of neurons happens, the same activity is replicated in your brain. It means, the same kind of electrical and neurological impulses are activated in your brain! So when I was performing the yoga sequence, the students were mirroring the neurological activities of a yoga teacher. This research fundamentally de-mystifies many mystical phenomena by enlightened masters where they are replicating the highest neural activities into people so that they also vibrate the same frequency as the enlightened masters.

As a yoga teacher and a spiritual healer, this is a major breakthrough in the way I can transmit experiences because I now know the science of power of visualization and mirroring of neurons that can transform one’s perception of self and their reality. So many people will benefit from this science. I hereby give my deep gratitude to my master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda who gave me the sacred knowledge and opened up this new possibility in me. Namaste. 😀