I woke up this morning with a feeling of lightness in the body and within a few steps even before I could reach the bathroom, the topic for this week’s article was heard in my inner space. The words came as a reply from my request last night when I sat with myself. Though the answer didn’t come immediately during the meditation, I trusted that it would come at the right moment. In that passiveness, I fell into a vast space of silence such that the space just filled me completely. The next thing I realised was that I disappeared into that space and then relaxing into the deep sleep state.

It has been 21 days since I got back from Shivoham Inner Awakening in Cambodia, a mystical spiritual retreat conducted by Paramahamsa Nithyananda which completely changed my space and life. Not just living my regular life as a householder but also many other aspects are starting to shift with this cognition of living with this truth of Shivoham.

The first shift I noticed is that people are naturally drawn to me especially children. When I look into the eyes of children, I only feel so much love for them and in awe with their spontaneity which make me smile. Children feel safe and secured in my space, I notice that they tend to listen to me when I teach in Nithyananda Bala Vidyalaya class. The irritation I had felt 4 years ago when I first started working with children had completely disappeared, in its place so much patience is happening. This really amazes me!

Next, my yoga class is no longer about stretching the physical body with yoga asanas and breathing, but it is about setting the right context for the students and guiding them to initiate movements with the right intention and giving them an experience of their original state of Wholeness. In holding the space for them, I always fall into the Samadhi of Shiva Bodha (trance of silence). After each class, besides feeling good about themselves through the purification, I am beginning to see an opening in their space for more self discovery of their higher dimension. That brings me so much fulfilment whenever I enrich them through yoga.

Another exciting discovery is, in the spiritual healing work that I do with private consultation, I experience an increase in the intelligence to heal and knowing intuitively how to guide them into the process of completion. As my space to hold more beings increases, Existence sends more people my way. The recent cases range from saving a marriage which is on the rocks to helping a client to get out of her worrisome mental setup that is making her feel depleted physically, mentally and spiritually. Another case happened today when a client decided spontaneously to work on completing the loss of  her unborn child which only came out in our conversation during lunch.  The most awesome part of it was the ability to welcome the spontaneity and flow with it without worries. That would have freaked me out in the past!

Living with Shivoham also opens up the leadership consciousness and makes one more authentic as a leader. In the sangha (spiritual community), I’ve started to build a team of volunteers through knowledge transfer, people development and inspiration to help them to become authentic enrichers for children, youth and parents. This is another first for me in having a large team as my extension of my enriching effort.

At the more subtle level, there is this underlying clarity about self, humanity and life in my inner space which gives so much power and influence in my spoken words. The power of thinking and power of words are finally happening in this body.

The beauty of living and enriching with Shiovham is even though with so much happenings going on in my life, every night the moment I sit with myself and get back to the Source, I just collapse everything from the outer world like a doll house and fall asleep in the silence of vastness. The next day I wake up to the outer world with new adventures. I could never imagine such a divine life is possible for me!! The divine gift of Shivoham happens only when we start living it by enriching the world! 😀