108 Insights into Yoga

I’ve just completed the development of a module for eN-kids Yoga Foundation Programme for children age 4 y.o and above which will be utilised in the Nithyananda sangha worldwide. In the process of content development, I had the fortune to have access to many yoga content and plus my own research materials. It was such a spiritual process of expansion for me personally. I am grateful that I am able to make a contribution in the lives of the New Generation!

One of the amazing content is the 108 insights into Yoga by my master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. He had the fortune of learning yoga in its purest form from the consciousness of Patanjali, the great sage who is known as the Father of Yoga. These insights were condensed when he was giving the discourses on Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Take a look at the 108 brand new insights which totally redefine our understanding of Yoga:

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Transcend the Patterns of Possessiveness & Jealousy

Recently I’ve been working with a female client on her possessiveness and jealousy patterns for 2 months. She is a very attractive, bubbly young lady with a beautiful heart. She came to me after attending one Friday yoga class with me and asked if I could help her on some of her issues. She shared that she had been experiencing a lot of frustration, constant tiredness, at times desperation from a shrinking feeling with her life, literally so much of her energy was being sapped away by these two patterns!

Firstly, we started to dig into her past incidents which contributed to the development of incompletions with relationships and a constant need for attention and approval of others inside her. She was able to identify a list of incidents from her past clearly and started to complete with them.

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