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Do you know that children are already born complete, total with pure innocence and intelligence?

Before the age of 7 y.o., children live in a pure space called “Space of a Child”. This is the original state of pure awareness, a space of solutions where there is no mental processing like planning, judging or thinking. They just download like an internet connection whenever they need the information. This is such a beautiful space to be in as it is a space of huge possibilities. All they need from parents is the right environment and guidance from a higher energy to start expressing their extraordinary dimensions that the society holds them back from.

As a mother, I am very conscious that I want to keep my son, Kai in his pure inner space of joy, innocence, creativity and great possibility. However, I am equally aware of the negative forces in the outer world which could unbalance him and take him away from this space.

In fact, when Kai was barely 3 y.o. in Feb 2006, I asked an enlightened master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) “How I can keep him in his pure space of innocence and develop his full potentiality?” According to Swamiji, he said that:”All our upbringing is actually bringing our children down” because, as parents, we are living with many layers of conditionings and incompletions from our past. We are actually corrupting their pure inner space and imprinting our patterns to them, soon they become just like one of us. When this happens, it is a big loss to mankind.

I didn’t expect that this genuine desire from a maternal instinct could fundamentally change my entire life. I left my corporate life in 2009 and decided to devote time and effort to expand my understanding and skills set so that I could help him for whatever purpose he has come down for in this birth.

There were a few conscious decisions I made to help me create the possibility for him.

The first thing I did was to start working with children so that I could understand their space. So I jumped on the opportunity as a teacher volunteer in a children program called Enlightened Vidyalaya (it means inner flowering of knowledge) in 2011 and now renamed as Nithyananda Bala Vidyalaya. For the last 3 years, I must say that working with children has provided me with such a fertile ground for understanding the enlightened consciousness, experiencing tremendous personal expansion, joy and most importantly, chiselling of my ego and anger pattern!

The next thing is I discovered the power of  Vedic learning system which is rooted on enlightened consciousness. A enlightened-based system designed by enlightened masters where, by the time a child turns 7 y.o., he or she is sent to a Vedic school called Gurukul  under the direct guidance of an enlightened master. By surrendering their children to enlightened masters, parents understand fundamentally that it is the best thing they could do for their child which is to connect their child back to the Source. The children then spend the next 14 years as Brahamachari (a student of Veda) from age 7-21 years with the enlightened master learning the true knowledge about Self, Humanity, World and God. After the 21 y.o., they have the freedom to decide if they want to take a life of a householder (grihastha) living a married life or a life of a renunciate (sannyas) to serve the world.  It is important to start a child young before age 7 y.o. the spiritual knowledge because by the time a child is 15 y.o., the impact of learning on the child will be significantly less. These early experiences are critical for the development of the child because they form the basis of their right cognition about Self, humanity, world and God.

Is there a Vedic school in the modern city like Singapore? No. Here the education system is mainly driven from the Western approach to learning, as a mother, I realised that it is not a balanced learning because the learning is so skewed towards a child’s left development and suppressing the right brain development. The right brain is responsible for qualities such as creativity, intuition, spontaneity, quantum memory, learning in a flash, and computer like calculations etc. It is such a big loss to humanity when our next generation are not stretching to their highest possibility. No wonder, children today are finding it too stressful in Western school system because of an over-emphasis of logic, memorisation and analysis.

What’s my next best option? There are a few things I did which is humanly possible in the context of my reality.

  • Hold the space of possibility for him. It was after attending the Nithyananda Parenting workshops that I discovered the powerful “Space of a Child”. I learned that as parents, I have to take the responsibility to hold the space of possibility for him to flower into a conscious being.  For that pure space to happen, the first thing I practice is to give him my authentic listening without my judgment from my past, fear and greed. It is only when we truly listen to a child, communication starts happening between the child and parents. With listening, I only provide facts to speak into his listening and simply convincing him to do the right things has become much easier.  I also teach him the Science of Completion which is like a tool to wipe clean the dust he accumulated in the day in his inner space before he goes to sleep. That means every night, I would sit with him to ask his day happenings if he has any incompletion, this is the best time to give him the right understanding about Self and life, then I will guide him in the completion process so that he goes to bed in the space of completion. By doing this continuously for the last 9 months, I realised that there is such a deep communion between us which is a really beautiful space to be in. (Read more about Nithyananda Parenting )
  • Connect him to the Source through EN-Genius. The next thing I did was I brought Kai to attend eN-Genius programme in December 2012. This is a powerful programme offered by the Enlightened Education in Nithyananda Vidyapeetam. In this 21-day, children are given an enriching environment conducive to learning in life so that a child starts developing higher IQ (Cognitive Intelligence), EQ (Social-Emotional Intelligence) and SQ (Spiritual Intelligence) scores. The eN-Genuis Program is designed to awaken and express the extraordinary dimensions in a child through all areas of growth. He learns different concepts like whole brain learning, right brain stimulation activities, Brain Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Meditation, Quantum Memory, Vedic culture through stories of enlightened beings, art and music. He also received 21 initiations from Swamiji which is a profound rewiring of his neurons to mirror that of an enlightened being. One significant change I noticed in Kai is an increase in his creativity and attention to details in drawing. This year, he was selected as one of the Maths Olympians in his cohort.  The head of Nithyananada Vidyapeetam, Ma Rishi Advait told us that by sending the children to eN-genius programme, it is like giving them a vaccination against the negative forces of the outer world. Now I fully understood this statement because just 2 days ago, Kai happened to watch accidentally a “perverted” video on YouTube which left him traumatised. He shared this incident with me and I talked him through and helped him to drop the negative impact it created in his pure inner space through completion. From this incident, I noticed that he has such high awareness which continues to bring him back to his pure space. I just know that after the vaccination of eN-genius and combined with the space I hold for him, he is saved from all kinds of perversions forever. (Read more here about eN-Genius )
  • Put him in a spiritual community. I recognise the importance of living in a spiritual community (sangha) where a group of people living the same ideology are living together and where great truths are expressed as inspirations for all. By being a teacher volunteer for Nithyananda Bala Vidyalaya (NBV), I created a small community for the children to meet weekly to learn about the life skills. “Bala” means ʺchildʺ and “Vidyalaya” means ʺthe inner flowering of knowledgeʺ, this children programme is a gift from Swamiji which was created to provide the missing link in the current education system i.e. the spiritual science and higher order thinking! Just 3 months of teaching the new content, I am seeing amazing transformation in the children because they learn the science of listening, Science of completion, the 4 powers of integrity, authenticity, responsibility and enriching. One boy in the class just dropped the hurtful words he used to utter to his mother after the lesson on power of words. Kai loves to be with the children and learning through play and in addition he gets inspiration from other kids as well and the lives of Gurukul kids. Especially if the kids start young before 7 y.o., the negative emotions like violence, hatred and corruption will not happen in them because the children will constantly be brought back to the space of completion which helps them create and live the life of ʺI am a possibility of tomorrow and ready to achieve the highest potential of my capacityʺ. (Read more about NBV )

In essence, from my personal experience, my message to all parents is the importance of holding the space of possibilities for your child.  You can only hold that space when you become conscious about your own incompletions and patterns that you will begin to seek the help of a higher energy from the enlightened consciousness. If you are interested to find out more above the above programmes, feel free to contact me at Namaste 🙂



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