The topic of Collective Consciousness is one such topic that either it frightens you or it transforms you.

Your response depends on the state of the spiritual maturity you have at the time of receiving this truth. One thing is certain – truth frightens us. Man as such cannot handle too much of truth because he feels that the ground on which he is standing is moving away or his identity which he has built up in his entire life started to crumble away. That would be too much! Seriously, if truth were to be given out as it is honestly, many will run away and only a few brave ones will be willing to accept it. The simple truth is that truth straight away transforms us.

I had the fortune of receiving 3 great truths about the Collective Consciousness by my master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda that fundamentally shifted my very cognition about self and life.

The first truth: All our minds are not individually separate pieces of the universe. They are all one and the same.

All our minds are interconnected, not only we are interlinked but we also affect each other directly. This is known as “Collective Consciousness”, our thoughts are as infectious as the common cold.  We may be able to escape from someone’s cold but we can’t escape from thoughts.  At least with a common cold, we only have to suffer physically for a few days and finally we recover from it. But, when we catch negative thoughts from people, not only do we suffer mentally but the suffering is also forever. This is because the one thought we pick up will multiply in words in our mind and work on us forever unless we bring awareness to drop it.  Simiarly, anything that we think affects all those around us too. Our thoughts have the power to not only touch those staying around us but also everyone living on this planet earth!

This truth triggers an urgent need in me to start purifying my mind so that I can create a beautiful inner space from the space of completion. This is the only way that I can continue to infuse positivity and possibilities from my thoughts, words and actions to planet earth. Whatever incompletions created out of sheer ignorance from my past have to be completed. This truth also guided me to start sharing and teaching the science of completion so that the Collective Consciousness can be raised to the next level – that of divine consciousness.

The second truth: You are connected not only at the mental level but even at the deeper conscious levels. The deeper you go, the deeper you are connected.

There are 7 energy bodies within every human being which you can visualise as 7 concentric circles representing the 7 layers. The 1st layer is the outermost layer which is the physical body; made up of the flesh and bones. The 2nd layer is the pranic body, the layer of energy comprising the breath. The 3rd layer is the mental layer where the thoughts are filled, the 4th layer is the etheric layer comprising all our emotions, the 5th layer is the causal layer – the layer where we rest and recharge during our deep sleep, the 6th layer is the Cosmic layer and the 7th layer is the Nirvanic layer ending at the center which is the energy of the Universe. For example, when you, God and I are experienced at the physical layer represented at different parts around the outermost circle, we feel the huge distance between 3 of us. However, the moment we start travelling deeper into the Nirvanic layer, these three entities merge into ONE. That means at the deep end of all these layers, God, you and I are ONE, there is no distance.  God and you are one, you are God, God is you.

Once I cognised this basic truth, I realised that we are all a part of the Collective Consciousness, that we don’t have an individual identity. I realised that when we do not have a separate ego and therefore there is no more suffering. The problem is we all think that we own our intellectual identity, however, the simple truth is, in Existence, there is no such thing as a separate individual identity exists. Once we are able to cognise this truth, we go beyond pain, suffering, depression and diseases. As long as we hold on to the concept of individual identity, whether physically or mentally or at the Being level, we will continue to suffer from the idea of being a separate part from the Whole.

We are a part and everything is the Whole. If we fall in tune with the Whole, the Whole behaves as our friend and protects us. The moment we are in tune with the Collective Consciousness, when we become a part of the Collective Consciousness, nature is with us, nature is our friend and it protects us. If we are able to disappear into the Collective Consciousness, we will be protected and taken care of all the time.

If we think we are something separate, we will be inviting diseases. For instance, if we feel separate in the mental layer, we will be sowing the seeds of violence again and again. This makes us selfish, dogmatic and violent.

Thoughts are like ripples created on the surface of a lake. If we create a wave that is strong enough, we will be creating an impression on others with our thoughts; we will be leading and inspiring others with our thoughts. However, if our thoughts are not solid enough, other waves will impress us. At the mental layer, if you continuously think that you are a separate individual, you will be resisted again and again.

The third truth: At the spiritual level, the moment we understand that we are deeply, totally and intensely connected to the whole group, to the whole universe, not only do we start experiencing bliss, but we also start to really live. This understanding leads to the opening up of the multiple dimensions of our Being.

The first dimension that I experience is I begin to see the same Being in everyone but it is covered by layers and layers of ignorance and illusions. From this understanding, love and compassion start to happen instead of the constant agitation towards people.    I also feel that having experienced this truth, leadership consciousness flowers within me as I feel that I should take up the responsibility in enriching people of the knowledge of wrong cognitions and help them to get back to the Source and start creating a shift in Collective Consciousness. Your Presence Heals and the spiritual work I provide are my contribution to the Collective Consciousness. Another interesting dimension that opened up in me was during my last spiritual retreat called Inner Awakening in Bali. I did a process whereby we were all paired up to look into the eyes of a partner. I can say it was a profound experience because in that process, I literally saw that I am an embodiment of completion and love, everyone is a part of me, an extension of ME and finally I experienced that I am not this body nor mind, I am nothing but the emptiness – the Silence, the vastness.

In essence, this experience of oneness or Collective Consciousness makes us forget all the differences of name, wealth, social status and prestige, we go beyond the impermanence of things in life.  We only see God in everyone, we experience divine grace, bliss and ecstasy in Collective Consciousness. That is the life of devas (gods) ! Namaste! 🙂