Are you aware of your root cognitions?

Many of us carry certain root cognitions that form the basis how we respond to life. What you strongly believe as you is the root cognition. Basically, root cognition is a mental pattern which drives your thinking even before you recognize the quality of your thinking.

For example, some people carry the root cognition that “Life is suffering” or “Life is depression”, so even before they start solving any problem in life, the root cognition already sets the base of the battle-field. Root cognition is the line where the fight between you and your life starts. With this wrong root cognition, you can never experience joy, bliss, completion because the fundamental belief is wrong which has to be completed. So understand the importance of having the right fundamental root cognition.

In Vedic tradition, there is a term called “Ananda Gandha” in Sanskrit, it means the smell of your being. Ananda Gandha is highly related to your root cognitions. Whether your Ananda Gandha has blossomed or shrunk, is solely dependent on your root cognition.  A part of spirituality is about imbibing the right root cognitions about life!

As I was taking stock of my spiritual account on 31 December – the last day of 2013, I realised how much spiritual expansion had happened to me as a result of many rewiring of my fundamental root cognitions through the grace of a master. My Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly know as Swamiji) had inserted some of these very strong root cognitions inside me and some other root cognitions came from my own listening to my being and realisation. Together, they form a powerful intelligent grid for which I play with my life now.

Let me share with my readers the TEN root cognitions that I live my life now:-

  • We are no sinners, we are Gods. It is time the human brain evolves to grasp the next level of truth! Swamiji revealed one of the highest experiential truths of pure Advaitha, non-dualistic philosophy which forms the core of Sanatana Hindu Dharma. Hinduism believes in infinite gods, not one god nor multiple gods, it believes in infinite gods, and all of them infinitely powerful without any requirement of one superior body, godhead, or personality to guide or regulate the infinitely powerful infinite number of gods. All of us are gods, not equally powerful but infinitely powerful and infinitely intelligent. How much power to express and radiate is really up to a being’s freedom.  I was fortunate enough to have a glimpse of my Self experientially in the last Inner Awakening programme conducted by Swamiji which gave me so much confidence to explore my infinite possibilities.
  • Space of Completion is our Original State. We all assumed the human birth to complete with life so that we can get back to our original state of being which is poornatwa (completion). Bring completion with everything in life is the best thing we can acquire in human body because this is the only thing that comes with us when we leave this body. Completion is like you feeling so light that you are gliding above the ocean of samsara (cycle of birth and death), like a lotus flower which is untouched by any trace of the mud.  The moment the root cognition that “you are God and infinitely intelligent” get formed in your inner space, automatically you will align yourself and live in that space of Completion.
  • I am Consciousness (Chit). After living as a Nirahari for 12 months, I simply know that this body can live on prana, water and sunlight alone just like plants, without the need for solid food.  This is because I am consciousness (Chit), not matter (Jata). Consciousness is beyond matter. Nirahara Samyama (a yogic technology to go beyond need for food) is the technique to break the food patterns and liberate me from the bondage of the physical world.
  • Rise above Societal Conditioning. I don’t allow the unconscious fears and greed from society to enter into my inner space. By rising above the trappings of the society expectations and conscience, I play the game of life centered on the eternal Cosmic intelligence of Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching others and self.
  • Authentic Listening is our innate power. All creations and expansions need listening, the entire Universe is in a state of eternal listening and creation!  As consciousness, listening is our innate power, constantly practice authentic listening to others and self without judgment and resistance of the mind. Authentic listening is a master key to open up many powers such as bringing mental clarity and causing completion in others and self.
  • Listening leads to Contemplation & Radiating. Through authentic listening, many of our incompletions will dissolves quickly and we will be able to internalise many great truths into living life in an extraordinary way. Automatically we will be radiating the highest cognitive shift intensely and the power to live in the state of completion and make others experience completion.
  • Everyone is a reflection of ME.  This was a very profound experience I had in the last spiritual retreat in Bali that we are not just centered on our body, we are so many people put together. Experientially I realised that everyone is nothing but an extension of me. When we have self love, we develop the same tremendous love for people – power of love. Fundamentally, the success in all aspects of life is about our ability to feel comfortable with people without feeling bored and tired of people, our ability to love people as they are but seeing their highest possibility, our ability to take responsibility to be sincerely causing what people want in their life. When we are ready to be a catalyst in causing what people want in their life, they will also cause what we want in our life. Life is for others, life is for enriching. To me, this is the greatest mystery of life!
  • Neuron Mirroring of an Incarnation. The recent research had proven that just by gazing and being absorbed in certain activity for e.g. swimming, and if you know a little swimming, the neuron mirroring of the same kind of electrical and neurological impulses are activated in our brain! This de-mystifies many mystical phenomena such as a touch by an enlightened master in the initiation or being in Upanishad (silent sitting with a master). Through neuron mirroring, we are put in the same space of completion as the enlightened beings. A master is one who is swimming in the ocean of Consciousness, in the space of Completion, by being in his presence creates the same highest neuron activities in our brain. Never miss a chance to be in the presence of a living enlightened master.
  • This body is a vehicle for my reality. As a living yoga teacher, I find that the human body is such a miraculous organism! The human body is the most evolved body among all the species on planet earth. I am constantly in awe by the possibility of this body when I experiment with this body. Unless we begin to respect and take care of this body and make it Yogic in its pristine energetic state, we will not fully understand the wonders of this body intelligence. To evolve ourselves to Super Consciousness, a human body is required as the vehicle for experiencing different possibilities in life and the ultimate experience of enlightenment! As this body is also a matter, therefore it is impermanent. Just use it to experience the best things in life and drop it when it is time to exit this body! To me, the physical death is a liberation and a celebration to enter into the imperishable space of Eternal Consciousness.
  • Everything is POSSIBLE. Everything is auspicious, everything is possible (Shivam) – this is the mantra I live by NOW. From the root cognition that I am Consciousness, everything can be created in the space – Hiranya Garbha (the cosmic womb).  The transition from visualisation to matter as a physical manifestation is the Science of Manifestation – altering the reality or creating the reality as you want. The wishing tree (Kalpataru) lies within all of us, we just need to understand the Science of miracles and remove the decisive components that prevent us from manifesting our reality. Honestly,  I am still a new beginner in playing and experimenting with this science. One thing I know for sure – Causing miracles is flirting with Consciousness, flirting with Cosmos! Life can only be filled with more excitement and bliss!

If you are keen to find out your root cognitions, Swamiji gave a simple technique – just sit with yourself for the next 48-hours and look in sincerely without judgment, you will start to have an inner awakening of how you have been living your life.  Namaste. 🙂



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