This morning I received a call for help by a girlfriend who was psychologically being tortured by her mother who constantly nagged at her, telling her how she should behave and live her life, her expectations of her. That poor girl was almost at a stage of mental breakdown as she felt her mother was controlling her life even though she is already in her late 30’s. Her mother was so stuck in her past with all her incompletions and she was vomiting all her past fears into her daughter.

Frankly, I realise that there are many people around us who are so stuck in their dead past, they waste their entire life brooding over the past, as a result they can’t create a new future. I was also one of them who was stuck by the dead weight of my past till I met my master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. He helped me to understand the futility of the past.

Here are some of the powerful truths I received from him which created a great impact in my inner space:-

  •  Focus on building your future. Human beings are programmed for only the right future we want to build, we are not given the power to correct the past. So, the more brooding over the past we do means the more suffering we inflict upon ourselves. We are empowered only to build the future which has no connection with the past. As long as we believe our past has the capacity to influence our future, we are living in delusion. We will remain powerless in life.
  • Delusion about time. Most of us think that we will live at most 100 years on planet earth, this is our cognition about our life. We think that whatever time that had passed and whatever time is yet to come, we think as our time; which is completely wrong understanding. The truth is only the time which is going to come is our time; that is the first right cognition we need to have. Next, whatever has passed is not our time; it has no power and no influence over us. Finally, only the future is our time. Our delusion that the time spent while we are in our body is our time is wrong! It is a broken incomplete cognition which prevents us from creating a life of our choice.
  • Own your future. The biggest problem that humanity is suffering is we constantly try to own things which we cannot own, instead we do not own what we are supposed to own. The future time is what we are supposed to own but we don’t take responsibility for it. On the other hand, our past which is what we cannot own, we continue to own continuously because our mind teaches us that the “known” (our past) is right. We think that the future comes out of the past. We are supposed to own our future but 90% of our thoughts are focused on the past. Here are a few symptoms to tell if a person is drowned in the past. The person’s eyes will be lacklustre, his breathing is shallow and his memory becomes dull as his awareness falls into the lowest frequency. Nobody except ourselves who is responsible for our future, we have to own it.
  • Past stops you from listening. It is with listening that we can start our whole spiritual life. When we are drowned inside our past like a dead weight, we will never be able to listen authentically. Listening starts only when we decide to responsibly work on creating our future. Our dead past never let us listen as the past, by its very nature, does not have life. If we continue to indulge in the past, it just swallows our entire future.
  • Bring integrity into your thinking. Life is continuously moving but it is our photographic memories that we hold on to that stop us from moving into the future! Ironing out our inner space and liberating ourselves from the past is integrity. When we iron out our inner space with integrity, all the negative weeds that we are cherishing which are rooted in our past, get removed. We need to know that negativity needs past evidence as a support for it to survive. Hence all our negative thinking and fears are rooted in the past. When we are integrated in our thinking, our past loses power over our future. So much more inner space will be freed up for us to create a responsible future.
  • Authenticity can wipe off your past.  It is our past memories do not allow us to become authentic. Many times we carry the fears of failure and the past failures which are responsible for making us inauthentic i.e. not willing to stretch ourselves to the peak capacity. When we become authentic with ourselves, we will even forget we had a past because our past will no longer be more part of our inner space! Our whole energy will be pushed towards the future. Simply authenticity wipes clear the inner space for creations. From my own experience, this is the truth because after many completions I did with my past, I was able to disassociate from my past such that my inner space is now so vast and bright.
  • Declare you drop your past. Declaration is such a powerful process because consciously we are giving words to ourselves and registering our intention in our bio-memory. Now, just make a strong declaration that “I, with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching myself and others, declare that I drop the past which is dead. I give a farewell to my past, a decent burial to my past. I am with new consciousness, a new being living with responsibility and enriching myself and others in the future.” Try it you will understand the power of declaration.

In essence, the past has no future, future has no past. Don’t waste your life by brooding over the dead past. Let us all enter responsibly into our future. From this moment, we will only responsibly plan for our future which is a huge possibility. Namaste 🙂



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