I just arrived early this morning from a spiritual retreat called Inner Awakening Level 1 in my Guru’s ashram in Bidadi, Bangalore. It was the most extraordinary experience because the purpose for which I went was completely fulfilled. I also had a strong revelation that I couldn’t wait to share with my readers! Before I left for India, my goal for this trip was to understand the science of completion and to identify my root pattern so as to bring about completion with it.

 What is completion you may ask?

The moment we assume a human body, we arrive as a complete being, blissful and whole. This is a space of completion, non-duality (Advaita in Sanskrit) where there is no separation from Existence and us. However, this space slowly gets disturbed when we start to learn the first language as a form of cognition and the first root incident that brings about a wrong cognition about life gets recorded in our inner space. This is the start of a root pattern which shifts the way we perceive and relate with life, subsequently we develop more and more root patterns which lead us further away from this original state of being.

Let me share how my first root pattern got created and how my whole life was driven by this root pattern. This process required me to go back to my earliest memories in my life.

This happened when I was about 4-5 years old, I was running a high fever due to an infection caused by mosquitoes bites and I had to be hospitalised. By reliving the experience again, I found myself transported back to the body of a 4-5 y.o girl I was at that time.  I could see in my vision the surroundings of the hospital, as if everything was alive again. I saw many children in various states of distress – crying, screaming and some were even striped naked and put in cold shower. I was totally shaken by the sight of this scary place where children were tortured. I cried for my parents, but no avail.  That night, I found that I was tied to the bed pole with a leg band by a unfriendly nurse so as to keep me on my bed. She tied the leg band so hard that my left ankle started to hurt so much. In that moment of powerlessness, I inserted a wrong cognition of my first inner image – “I am trapped in pain and fear, they don’t allow me to move”. This cognition also made me relate with life as – “The hospital (expressed as life) is bad and cruel, I want to go home”.  Feeling angry,  I sat up from my bed and started to remove the leg band and free myself . All my life, in order to cover up fearful self image of powerlessness, I project my outer image as someone who is strong and aggressive whenever I am restricted or trapped. Whenever my freedom is at stake, I will fight and take control!  All my life I didn’t know why I always felt this undercurrent of “I don’t belong here and I want to go home” till my root pattern was exposed to me.

To begin the healing process, I  had to relive the root incident again and again, I went  back to relate with that incomplete child who was sitting within my inner space with the wrong cognition and talked to that child with an updated cognition.

During the alchemy process of completion, I could clearly see in my inner space how the seed incident moved me away from the space of completion and started to form a web of other unconscious root patterns in my childhood in the process of growing up.  By and by, this was how I became fragmented as a being, I threw away the different parts of me. With the grace and presence of an enlightened master, he let me experience the space of wholeness again, my being was able to recognise the space of completion is the home I was searching all my life.  I moved away from the space of awareness due to my fear and wrong cognition at that time which started my root pattern of suffering in my life. The space of completion is the same space that my Guru resides in. He is an embodiment of completion and his physical form is just a small expression of that boundless space. The space of completion is my original state, my birth right. This was such a profound revelation!! This gave me so much strength and clarity that only by reclaiming my birth right through completion that I am able to become ONE being and experience ONENESS with the whole.

As defined by my guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda who said that: “Completion is removing the delusion of incompletion which makes you cognize the other is separate from you. Removing the illusory gap you are different from it and experiencing the truth you are one with it is completion”. Simply put – completion is nothing but reclaiming the parts of you which you threw away unconsciously!

Without completion, life does not begin for us. Unless we complete with our past and self, there is no way we can have quality of life and be fulfilled. Literally, the past incompletions stole our lives away from us without our awareness. When we are incomplete, we can never know our true life purpose and naturally we feel stuck in life.

With that incomplete and confused state in each one of us, the whole human civilization is suffering just because of not having completion with one another and the broken parts of us go on abusing one another, leading to greater incompletions and suffering in life.

In this Inner Awakening programme, I learned that the Vedic civilization has always been established in completion, every step or phase in life, the Vedic tradition live and breathe the science of completion. This science of completion is the best way to prepare individuals for life expansion and even death!

Life is nothing but completion. Everything is an expression of life form. If you want health, complete whatever possible incompletions would have been the reason for your disease or disorders; complete with that. Complete with your food, complete with your eating disorder, complete with your body, complete with your liver, kidneys, different parts of your body, complete with all the relationships and finally complete also with the Universe.

Once we identified our past incompletions, every night we should spend at least half-an-hour to one hour dedicated to bringing completion to our being. I have made a list of incompletions that I intend to complete daily in the next 6 months, making completion my lifestyle. Completion is not a one-off process, it is a continuous process till one feels complete with the whole.

Some of the benefits of state of completion include – 1) Completion has the power to create so much stability in our thinking, free up our inner space for more intelligence and memories so much so that you will forget all the wrong things; all the negative things will not have power over you. 2) You are able to align your thinking with clarity and free from stress and emotions. 3) The space of creation opens up in us after completion with self. We will be able to manifest the reality the way we want and experience our original powerful state of non duality. 4) Completion not only put us back to our original “unclutched” state of being, completion with everything leads us to enlightenment.

In essence, the science of completion is about reclaiming our kingdom which was stolen from us by our wrong cognition. Being complete with everything is a basic need of life and I feel that everyone should be taught this science at a young age. Only through completion with self, others and life, we are able to create a peaceful, non-violent and enlightened civilization. Namaste 🙂



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