Is one’s gender or sexual orientation an important factor for experiencing the cosmic consciousness or enlightenment?

This is a long-standing burning question in my mind especially I’ve seen so many gay or lesbian friends on the path of seeking. We all know that in many orthodox societies and religious communities, the gay, lesbian, transgender are not socially accepted as they are deemed as unnatural, something that is going against the law of nature. They are often viewed as the outcaste in society and many have to resort to hiding their true sexual orientation and living double lives.

Many are trapped by the rules of morality defined by society or religious community. Ostracised by mainstream society, some end up destroying their lives due to a lack of clarity on this aspect of life. What is the  right undestanding from a spiritual perspective?

This year, I had the fortune of receiving the truth directly from the Source which was channeled through a living incarnation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. The revelation cleared all my past doubts and put me in a state of restful awareness. Now I shall share with my readers the truth as it is. This revelation will heal many people who are stuck in the social stigma and it is my sincere hope that every human being can work on evolving to divine consciousness.

  • Divine Consciousness is beyond gender and sexual orientation. Cosmic Consciousness does not have two identities as male and female. The only energy that exists is divine consciousness, hence the male or female does not exist in that state. The male or female bodies are in no way related to the consciousness. The concept of sexuality evolved in the course of the human mind. Only then did the gender, transgender, gay, lesbian evolve.  Male and female bodies are part of the natural flow of life but in the Cosmos, there is no male or female identity.
  • For liberation, a human body landing on planet earth is required. In Cosmic Consciousness, we only have a human body that is all. Having a human body is a gift from Existence because a human body means a great possibility to evolve from human consciousness to divine consciousness. Of all the bodies on planet earth, only a human body has the possibility to reach the Supreme Consciousness. A human body represents a potentiality for evolution, it is not a given.  That is why Buddha said “It is so precious to take a human birth, don’t waste this birth.”  It is only on planet earth (Boologa), the truth of ephemeral reality, the comparative reality is experienced. When we experience the pleasure, disillusionment of pain happens. When we experience pain, disillusionment of pleasure happens. Both disillusionments finally give us the realization that both are illusion. This can happen easily only in human body on planet earth. So any soul, who wants to experience the existential reality, which is beyond ephemeral and comparative reality, has to land on planet earth. This plane is the thinnest layer possible for penetration and going beyond our patterns and engrams (samskaras). Any space we are made to experience both the extremes again and again will make us reach Cosmic Consciousness. When human consciousness gets awakened, it liberates itself to the Ultimate, it becomes divine consciousness.
  • Four stages of evolution. There are 7 energy centers known as chakras which reside along the human spine at the metaphysical plane.  The Muladhara chakra is the first energy center which is located at the base of the spine.  This energy center helps us to live in reality on this earthy plane. However, when we are caught in too much fantasies in a form of lust and greed, these negative emotions block the root energy center.  All human beings go through 4 stages of evolution which is represented by the 4 petals lotus at the root chakra (Muladhara chakra).  The first stage is enjoying your own body. When you were a child, you put your thumb, fist or foot into your mouth. This is known as auto-sex. The second stage is when you explore the same gender, friends of same gender, siblings of same gender, this is the period of exploring same gender, we call gay since you are not able to take a big jump to opposite sex. The third stage is when you explore the opposite sex, this is heterogeneous sex. Finally, the fourth stage is the exploring of Cosmos or Brahmacharya (living like God) i.e. enjoying the whole Cosmos in enlightenment. This is the state of total renunciation of both outer world possessions, the identities we possess and feel one with.  The whole purpose of human birth is to jump to the 4th stage, where we are now (whether as a straight, gay/lesbian, transgender) is not important. Not reaching the 4th stage – the divine consciousness i.e. if we are stuck in any of the lower 3 stages, is wrong. If any stage leads us to the 4th stage, all 3 are fine, otherwise all 3 are wrong. So it is how we live the three stages and where we reach eventually that really counts. Till then, we can not comment on whether it is right or wrong to be gay or transgender.
  • Divine beings are genderless. According to Vedic tradition, enlightened beings are realised divine beings in human form walking on planet earth. If you observe the body language of enlightened beings, though they may be in male or female body, they express such divine grace that is beyond gender. The physiological mutation which happened after the enlightenment experience made them radiate both the grandeur of masculine principle and the beauty of the divine feminine principle in one body. They only express the grace and presence of divine energy. That is the reason why enlightened beings are often the subjects of ridicule by the common mass because they do not fit into the accepted societal norms. It is time that human beings understand that enlightened beings do not live by the rules and the frame of ordinary human body and mental setup. Enlightened beings are rare flowers on planet earth, they are established in Supreme Consciousness, untouched by the chaos of the outer world.  Their presence, teaching and divine plays are merely to remind us of the illusions we are caught in and to inspire us to get back to the original state of Supreme Consciousness – the  ONENESS with the Eternal Spirit.

Now the truth has spoken, may this great truth be understood by every human being on planet earth. 🙂