9 Obstacles to being in Presence

Life is a long journey which we all have to go through; we have to realize our own Presence. But this journey of self discovery has to be travelled alone by ourselves. No one is going to help us. We have to raise our self by our Self.  A teacher, master or guru can only support us, but he or she can do no more that this.

To realize our own Presence is to reach the level of our being. Without touching base with our being, we will not be able to experience what life is really about. By not entering into the space of being, we miss the ecstasy of being. When we raise our awareness and turn inwards to focus on our inner space, we discover that the source of all joy lies within ourselves. This is the purpose of human birth – to realize the divinity within us.

However, there are 9 obstacles in life known as maya (illusions) which divert us from our true mission in life and prevent us from experiencing our Self, our presence. They are:-

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Be a Living Teacher

Next Saturday on 1st September is Teachers’ Day, in the spirit of honouring all teachers in the world, I would like to share the truth about science of teaching in the Vedic Tradition which had inspired me to be a living teacher I am today and how teaching has become my very life.

All of us are teachers in some ways – whether it is telling your child or siblings how to do things or advising people on something or showing the way. All these actions make us a teacher in some situations in life.  However, to be a living teacher, one has to make it a conscious decision.

In the Vedic culture, an acharya (teacher) means the man who teaches what he lives. The click will happen only in the students when the teacher is practicing what he or she is teaching every day. Only by living the truth, one becomes a living teacher otherwise one is considered a dead teacher. As a yoga teacher and a spiritual coach, I can only teach what I personally had experienced. Students can easily tell if a teacher is integrated and authentic just by looking at the teacher’s life. Fundamentally, teaching has to teach us first before we can start teaching others.

Here are some deeper truths about teaching which I learned from my spiritual teacher who is also my guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

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Bring Light to Your Darkness

There is a common misguided advice from society – “Ignorance is bliss.”

From a spiritual standpoint, ignorance means darkness because darkness always leads us to fear, bondages, diseases, pain and sufferings and the eventual death. In my experience, ignorance is definitely not bliss. Bliss only comes with restful awareness, being in your presence.

So what exactly is ignorance? Do you know why you landed in this body? Do you know what bio-memory you carry in this body? Where do you want to go next? Who are you? What for is life?

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