Do you know that like plants, our human body has the capability to produce food and energy from the sun rays, prana and ether?

Unfortunately, as a human race, we’ve forgotten this intelligent bio-memory within this human body after many lives of consuming food as the main source of energy. From the ancient yogic scripture – Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, it states that the human body is a miniature of the Cosmos. By the nature of our intelligence, our body can directly produce whatever it wants from the pancha bhootas (5 elements) – the space or ether, the air, the sun rays (the fire representation), from the water, from walking on the ground (earth). Our body can just imbibe directly from these 5 elements. The truth is we don’t need so much food to sustain us. We need only a little support from whatever grows in the earth like grains and vegetables. I feel that it is time human beings reclaim this natural intelligence in us and liberate ourselves from the attachment for food. This will solve many of the food related mental patterns, disorders and the exploitation by large corporations and political parties on planet earth.

There was a recent reported case of an 83 years-old Indian Yogi and holy man, Prahlad Jani, who lives in a small village in India. He says that he has lived without food or water for the last 70 years but still in perfect health. He caught the attention of the Indian military because of his claim that he does not require food or water to live. Now, a team of Indian doctors and scientists are studying this man. It is said by doctor that his body has not yet shown symptoms of hunger or dehydration in spite of no drinking or eating. Most ordinary people can live without food for several weeks, with the body drawing on its fat and protein stores. But the average human can survive for only three to four days without water.

According to the London Telegraph, Prahlad Jani claims to a “breatharian,” someone who can live on “life force.” India’s Defense Research Development Organization said, “Prahlad may hold the key to helping soldiers survive longer without food, or aid disaster victims”.

As a yogi, I always know that food is just one source of energy for our body and that we can awaken our innate intelligence to create energy from within through certain spiritual practices. Knowing this truth intellectually is one thing but to awaken this natural intelligence myself through a direct guidance of a master is another whole new experience altogether!

On 22 June 2012, I was initiated (among 364 people globally) by my master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, an yogi and enlightened being, into a Vedic science of hunger-free samyama called Nirahaara samyama. Its purpose is to help human beings to explore and discover their possibility to be without any external input like food and water.

He explained that “As per the Vedic science, the human body is a miniature cosmos with all the possibilities in it. If a fish can swim, humans can swim, if a bird can fly, humans can fly. If plants and trees can create food from sun rays and ether, then human beings can also create energy without external food. Nirahaara samyama is meant to help each one to explore and rediscover the extraordinary possibilities and power of one’s consciousness. An enlightened master’s initiation is an invitation to rediscover each one’s possibilities.”

I went through a 20-day initiation process in a staggered way – I started with 2 days fasting for 1st level living only on water, then breaking fast for 2 days, resumed fasting for 7 days in the 2nd level living on water and little juice, then took another break for 3 days and finally completed the last level of fasting for 11 days.

My family members, who were concerned about my health, asked if I did it for weight loss purpose. Nope, honestly weight loss was the last thing on my mind. My primary motivation was to break free from my food-related mental patterns which had kept me in slavery for years.  I wanted a breakthrough in my consciousness to have a complete freedom to grace food whenever I wish, not because I need to.

After having gone through this process successfully, I can say that this is, by far, the most powerful process which I had attempted. I would like to share my amazing experience with my readers :-

  • Feeling highly energetic. One of the benefits of awakening this bio-memory was that the whole day, I felt highly energetic and I was able to continue my regular work or routine without any disruption. I remembered only on the 2nd day, I was feeling a little low in energy as I had 3 yoga classes to teach that day and also my body was still balancing itself. But most of the time, I felt a kind of reasonless joy and excitement constantly bubbling inside me.
  • Breaking food-related patterns.  There were certain food related mental patterns that I was stuck with such as a tendency to snack and dump food during moments of restlessness or boredom, a pre-occupation with food, a desire for  sense pleasure for taste. It was only by going through this yogic process that I was able to break free from these hangover patterns related to food from external source. I was able to cook meals for my family and watching them eat in front of me without any temptation to eat. Another amazing experience was that I was able to differentiate true hunger signal from my body vs. greed from the growling stomach.
  • Constantly being in awareness. I started to experience this vibrant awareness in my inner space the moment I entered into the 2nd level process for 7 days.  The whole body and inner space were constantly infused with so much prana shakti (life energy) and I really felt so alive and healthy! This process made me go beyond the ordinary bound-body consciousness. By not supplying regular food to my body, all my organs including the non-mechanical parts of the brain got awakened to the truth and the purification of my essence started happening.
  • Mystical experiences. I noticed that during my morning sadhana (practice), there were some of the most interesting mystical experiences. There was once I saw all the pores of my skin were radiating rays of golden light from within and every single cell became alive with prana. Another time I had a vision of myself being a Banyan Tree, I literally stopped breathing for a few minutes and like a tree, I was able to experience intense prana entering my body. Then I was engulfed by waves of bliss and feeling a lightness of being. The power of visualisation through the Superconscious kicked in and I could see from my inner eye that I was growing luscious Banyan tree leaves and each leaf was producing its own food for this body from the sun rays and ether.
  • Glowing Skin & losing unnecessary fats. By the end of 20-days, I lost about 6 kg. Interestingly, the weight began to stablise towards the end of the samyama which was a sign that my body is producing food on its own. In the initial level, the stored fat melted away and many of the unnecessary things like toxin started to leave my system. The moment my system innate intelligence of creating prana directly from the space was awakened, the body started to be transformed. Another bonus was some of my students noticed the radiance and glow on my skin besides the weight loss.
  • Higher chance of  survival in disasters. After this bio-memory is awakened, if ever I were to encounter some disasters, I can easily survive without food and water for at least 7-10 days in emergency situations. This is such a great gift and blessing to have this special yogic power in times of crisis.

One apt analogy given by Paramahamsa Nithyananda about this science – previously we were running our system with drain water, now by awakening the bio-memory to create food from ether, we are running on pure life energy as if the system is running on high-quality jetfuel!

Soon Prahlad won’t be the only rare species on planet earth because this Vedic science is now revived and made available to the general mass with the compassion of Paramahamsa Nithyananda. When a critical mass gathers, the evolution of a new mankind is being created – one that is highly evolved in consciousness as well as totally liberated from the necessity for food and water.

This mystical process of awakening our natural intelligence is only possible through the direct guidance of an enlightened master. One cannot do it by his/her own will, only the initiation of a master in a form of Super-conscious energy can ensure a successful transformation. Swamiji had mentioned that for those who were successful in completing the 20-day process, we are invited to spend another 21-day with him so that he can work on permanently bolting this bio-memory into our system. If this is done, we will be completely liberated from food and water forever.  Cool! 🙂



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