Here are some of my favourite poems by Gerry Hillier which I collected over the past 5 years after attending the annual yoga retreat in Australia. Enjoy. Gerry will be visiting Singapore in mid May, if you are keen to attend her workshops, check out  


I am

said the leaf

in stillness and then

I am some more, it cried

as the wind gathered it to play

I am

said the bird

perching on a branch and then

I am some more, it sang

As it took to flight across an ageless sky

I am

said the stream

as it rippled over stone and sand and then

I am some more, it laughed

As it spread into the swiftness of the river

I am

I whispered

From the stirrings of my soul and then

I am some more, sang my soul

as it felt the rising of God’s breath.



I have known the pain of silent torment

There have been times when I have been on my knees


sometimes I long for a hand to hold my own;

to be raised up from my fear;

to become open to life’s rushing current.

Tell me I am known

Tell me I am understood

Tell me I am worthy

In conflict there is no resolution

I am torn – part of me bleed;

My joy becomes stagnant

– no longer breathing;

consumed by fear and ignorance

I am not meant to stand separated –

by denial and suspicion – by doubt;

until my innocent trust becomes the quiet weeping of isolation

I, like every child of life,

am meant to be held;

not by one –

not by some

but by all.

I am meant to be accepted –

Not by deeds or possessions –

Not by who or what I have become;

I am meant to be accepted

because I already belong –

to this earth –

to you –

to creation.

I am eternal light;

an echo of the great Spirit

and I am moving

on the breath of life


In my hands

I hold the heart of the world;

its flesh;

the joy and sorrow of its turning

In my hands

I hold the mountains

the forests, the oceans;

the seething life that,

like my own,

asks to be held

In my hands

I hold the people, the nations;

I feel their breath

I know their aching

their laughter;

I know their longing

to be held

My hands around the earth;

it is time to heal –

myself, each other, the world

My hands around the earth;

it is time to heal the restless fear to stillness;

endless neglect to timeless love;

separation to unity

My hands around the earth

gently holding