Do you constantly feel tired and low in energy? Have you wonder why some people seem to have a tireless supply of energy to do what they want in their life?

As human beings, basically we have 3 layers of energy, namely – the physical layer, the mental layer and the conscious layer.

The first layer relates to the physical energy which is available to all of us in a form of day-to-day work i.e. for 8 hours this physical layer of energy will be alive for us to perform our job.  After that, we start to feel exhausted and the body-mind will require rest and rejuvenation.

The second layer relates to our mind. During situations of emergency or survival, this layer of reserved energy will be expressed. For e.g. when one is being chased by a wild animal such as a bear or lion, it is in such situation that an extraordinary energy will be expressed in us to help us in the ‘fight’ or ‘flight response.  This is because our body needs extra energy to execute the required action in a form of  more support of chemicals in our body such as certain hormones like adrenaline to be released into the bloodstream. At the same time, the supply of oxygen and glucose to the brain and muscles has to be increased. It is important to note that the stress hormones like adrenaline suppress the immune system which makes us more prone to falling ill.  If one works in a very stressful environment where stress has become a part of every moment in life, the natural effect of stress is that the immune system gets suppressed, the stress hormones which are meant to be released only once a while become a continuous happening in the body. As such, one’s immune system is constantly suppressed over a prolonged period without bringing it back to homeostasis. This creates too much heat in our body and every cell burns with that fear emotion.

Whenever there is a fire, we use water to put out the fire and cool the heat down. Similarly, the water element in our body is blood. The blood travels and supplies oxygen and hormones, it also cleanses the body area and reduces the temperature. The continuous ‘fear strokes’ and emotional upset and anger leads to a need for increased blood supply. This causes one’s heartbeats to increase from normal 72 times per minute to over 90 heartbeats per minute.  Hence, the average heart rate goes up from normal range to high blood pressure.  In the yogic physiology, the high blood pressure disease is closely linked to a mental pattern related to fear when one’s survival is challenged.

As I delve deeper into the physiology of human body, it is mental patterns that create certain diseases in us. I also discovered that with the help of yoga, breathing and meditation practice regularly, one is able to heal and return to homeostasis at a deeper level resulting in overall well being.

For ordinary human beings who do not exercise much, they will probably experience the first 2 layers of energy unless they awaken the 3rd layer energy.  The 3rd layer energy is the spiritual or conscious energy which is a tireless supply of energy. In the Vedic tradition, we work on awakening the conscious energy through a proper preparation of body-mind system using Hatha Yoga and Dhyana (meditation). The primary goal is to awaken the  Kundalini Shakti i.e. the inner potential energy which lies at the base of the spine (Mulahara chakra or Root Center).  This energy is available to all of us but which is not directly used by us for various reasons like ignorance, fear or simply a lack of interest. Fundamentally, human beings are afraid of their expanded REAL Self because it is a space of unknown beyond the logical mind.

Some of the benefits of awakening the Kundalini energy are:-

  • Positive health as it not only cures diseases, it also completely re-organises our whole body, like rebooting our body
  • A sense of well being in terms of mental health such that everyday is filled with intense excitement and enthusiasm
  • Awakening the non-mechanical parts of our brain to higher powers such as telepathy, teleportation, levitation, intuition, creativity and more.
  • Body starts to radiate extraordinary sensitivity, love and grace
  • A conscious explosion by going beyond the boundaries of body and mind
  • One also experiences beyond the limits of time and space
  • One remembers his/her originality

Through heavy weight lifting, intense running or swimming as well as heavy yoga, pranayama (controlled breathing) & dynamic meditation practices, one could awaken this energy. However, unless this conscious energy is directed to a higher purpose in life, one will not experience its true potentiality. Another challenge is – it may take many years for a practitioner to awaken this energy by their own and then it may not even happen for some people.

From my experience, through the divine’s grace an initiation process by an enlightened being is the quickest way as he literally transmits the energy to our body. When I became a sincere seeker of higher purpose in my life, naturally my very vibrational thoughts attracted a master into my life. Without much effort on my part, I was gifted with 2 extraordinary yet mystical initiations progressively. One was the initiation of Ananda Gandha, a subtle chakra where the 7 Chakras (energy centers) and 5 Koshas (sheaths) collapse. This is the source of the universal Cosmic Energy which exists in the metaphysical plane. Suddenly, a new door to access this divine energy directly is made available to me; which allows me to heal myself and others. I used to feel tired by 9 pm after teaching my afternoon yoga class because so much giving and energy exchange happened. But, after this initiation, this feeling of tiredness left me and my productivity just shot up through the roof.

The second initiation was Kundalini awakening which is something beyond words. One has to experience it to really understand the power. All I can share is that – I experience my originality which is a space beyond time and space. If one tastes this energy, he or she will never compare with others anymore because one just remembers his or her own uniqueness.

Now the truth has spoken, it is up to an individual’s will and responsibility to awaken his or her highest possibility – the conscious energy.