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Peace Begins With Healing Your Pain

Posted on by Teo Siew Yong

Once a devotee asked a living master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) a question in 2011. She asked: “Why is there no peace in the world?” Master replied: “There is no peace in you; that is why you are … Continue reading

You Can Heal Your Past Traumas

Posted on by Teo Siew Yong

Are you mentally disturbed by your past traumas? Do you feel negative and powerless in your life? Are you constantly cherishing your dead past? Do you know that shallow breathing is related to you holding on to your past? If … Continue reading

Being Eternally Youthful is a Conscious Choice

Posted on by Teo Siew Yong

You may have seen some wise old folks still exuding an enormous youthfulness whereas a self-indulgent teenager looking like an aged man.  Do you know that youth is actually related to your Being and not your body? In our society, … Continue reading