Spiritual Entrepreneurs Incubator Coaching

Do you aspire to do what you love?
Do you want to experience fulfillment in what you are doing?
If you free all your energy into doing what you love, simply your life will flow towards it. Living your life purpose and contributing to humanity with your gifts can bring tremendous joy and fulfillment in your life.

In this upgraded 5-part coaching, you will also learn the science of leadership consciousness -Ishwaratva – Become Lord of your life. The module consists of the following sessions:-

  • Session#1 – Reclaim your freedom. Know that you are a possibility. Drop all fears of expansion.
  • Session#2 – Awaken leadership consciousness by taking responsibility of your life and growth.
  • Session#3 – Discover your life purpose.
  • Session #4 – Convert true desires to reality.
  • Session#5 – Create a blueprint for a conscious business.

Spiritual Entreprenueurs Incubators Coaching (Batch 12th)

Date : Sept 10th. 17th, 24th & Oct 1st & 8th

Time: 5.30 – 7 pm SGT

Fees : SGD250
Type : Book Online Session
The registration is open now. (Min 6 participants to begin the workshop)





“Wonderful!! Thank you so much Ma Durga! I feel each time was such a resurgence of energy and motivation! Thank you so much for your clarity and guidance. Every step was really so very helpful.” – Be Your Own Boss Coaching

Camus Ip

Hong Kong

“I really learnt so much here in just 3 sessions of ‘Be Your Own Boss’ Coaching. I always have many ideas but I don’t know how to make it happen. Sometimes I share with others for some more inspiration but people’s feedback is mainly negative and lack of creativity. I am tired to discuss with such people and always seek a way to do what I want to do. Ma Durga inspires me a lot especially the sessions she provided here. I really understand what I should and how I go through this process.”

Florence Toh


Through this ‘Be Your Own Boss’ coaching, I realized to be own boss needs:
1) confidence with myself in terms of being who I am and what I am offering to the world.
2) highly integrated and authentic within self with will persistence.
3) with the mentality to always be ready and willing to enrich the world with one’s knowledge and experiences.
It is really a powerful journey and takes all my energy and strength and courage to embark on.”

Sarah Galvin

New Zealand

“I went in knowing I had to learning more about myself and how it impacted my business. I went to hospital because I was overwhelmed with the growth of my business… I knew I had to make a shift or else end up working for someone again!!!
Be Your Own Boss coaching has done exactly that and more!!!!! I had the most intense experiences, shifts…. blessings one could experience . I no longer fear the unknown, I know I have self worth, I trust in Cosmos, universe so much more…. I value the components of Be Your Own Boss as they have given my business more depth. The spiritual component is on the button! Thank you Ma Nithya Durgananda, you touched my life in such a big way!!! I’m grateful for what you provide for people like me. Eternally grateful to have had you be part of my journey, my life. Love always ma💖🌺 Thank you Swamiji🙏💖 This has changed my life.”

Barbara Hock

New Zealand

“When the only example you’ve experienced for making a living & earning income is the commercial corporate paradigm, yet you’ve reached a stage of your life when your inspiration is spiritual and Swamiji is calling, nay, insisting you be your own boss – how to take the next step? I was stuck with knowing my previously acquired technical-based skills were sure-win highly paid but how to navigate myself out of my understanding of marketing, chasing money $s and clients, and the relentless pressures of the commercial world? How to transition to my inspiration without losing value? Ma Durga’s Be Your Own Boss coaching provided me with stepping stones – to understand a different possibility of operating. To understand how such classics as marketing and business planning differ when done for spiritual entrepreneurship. Directly relating business practice to Swamiji’s teachings, and drawing our authentic business self to the fore. Cheers, thank you ma Durga!”