Conscious Prenatal Care

Pregnancy offers every woman a phase of expansion if she is taught the science of conscious birthing. As a mother, you can qualitatively prepare the body of your baby
because you are the controller of the genetic expression.

The Conscious Prenatal Care is a one-on-one program comprising 10 sessions which aims to bring back the sacredness of motherhood from Vedic knowledge, awakening women to their presence as Shakti (Divine Mother). This sacred process empowers a woman to create a nurturing environment for the landing of an intelligent soul.

Scope of Conscious Prenatal Care Module

◦ Preparing your space for awakening of Divine Feminine Consciousness
◦ Prenatal Yoga by Trimester
◦ Conscious birthing
◦ Postnatal Support

Conscious Prenatal Care



Woon Peng

South Africa

“I was fortunate to have taken “Conscious Prenatal Care Yoga” module with Siew Yong for the birth of my first child. We started our sessions long distance during my second trimester and continued face-to-face for the third trimester. It’s amazing how much I benefited   from Siew Yong’s calm wisdom, physical yoga guidance and meditation techniques. I learned to harness the creativity and trust the intuition that comes with my senses being open. Her teachings helped me relax and enjoy my pregnancy more, as I focused on creating a positive environment for the arrival of our little girl. I highly recommend Siew Yong’s prenatal course for any mother wanting to develop her body and spirit towards a wonderful and conscious birthing experience.”

Geraldine Gee


“I stumbled upon Siew Yong’s yoga classes by chance and immediately took a liking to her holistic style of teaching. When I found out I was expecting my second child, I engaged her for some pre natal sessions to better prepare myself physically and mentally for the arrival of my little one.

She brought me through a series of yoga practices tailored to suit my different needs of pregnancy. Aside from that, several techniques were introduced to help calm myself down and to get in touch with the beauty of pregnancy. This was indeed helpful as my first pregnancy felt hurried; I was busy working all the time and I felt I had missed the essence of carrying a baby in my womb. Siew Yong’s sessions helped to remind me about the gift of nurturing a life inside me.

Adeline Yeo


“I came across Siew Yong’s yoga practice through a small group class offered at the lovely Balanced Living studio. At the time I was into hot yoga for fitness, which helped me sweat and burn calories. But encountering Siew Yong made me realise that real yoga is as much a practice of the mind as it is a physical workout. Her classes always begin with a prologue in which she sketches out a mental frame for the physical movement. We focus on the breath, and the intent of the postures, rather than how we look doing them or how much of a workout it is for the body. After the class, she asks how we feel and follows up even days later. She struck me as more as a guru than a fitness coach and I enjoyed having regular yoga lessons with her, which she structured around thematic workshops like sleeping better.

Several years later, when I became pregnant with my first child, I asked Siew Yong if she taught pre-natal yoga as my usual exercises of hot yoga and jogging were now out of bounds. As she did not have a pre-natal class, she offered to design a tailored practice for me and teach it in a one-off private lesson. While this costs more than a regular group class, it turned out to be one of the best investments in my health (mental and physical) I have ever made. Siew Yong came as prepared to teach me as she would have been a whole lecture hall of students. She brought hand-drawn sheets with brilliant stick figures to help me remember the poses and breathing (very specific!). The pre-natal practice was centered around the moon salutation (which I practice every night even now) as well as stretches to prepare the key muscles and ligaments for birth. During my pregnancy, I had a very stressful job but the yoga practice saved me as I would come home, light a candle in front of my favourite picture and meditate while going through the practice. Throughout the pregnancy, I remembered Siew Yong’s advice that the pregnant mother must put herself in an elevated frame of mind so that a superior being will alight in your body to be born as your child.

When I was pregnant with my second child recently, I dusted off the old yoga practice which amazingly I could remember well with the notes (and have taught to several friends, pregnant or not!). But this time round I had an additional challenge as I had fallen and busted my knee badly as well as fractured my leg. When I contacted Siew Yong, I was halfway across the world in the US and miserably lying in bed. She was her usual reassuring and calming self, and generously offered to give me a healing session over video call. She asked to see the injury and chanted a mantra to send positive energy. Whether or not it was a placebo effect from my appreciation of her concern, I did feel better. When I returned to Singapore, I asked her to design a practice that was possible given my multiple disabilities – unable to straighten leg or get on the floor, plus advanced pregnancy. Amazingly, she was able to design helpful stretches that I could do in the house and at the swimming pool. When we met in person, she also put her hands on my injury and chanted her mantras, and this time I definitely felt a shift in my knee! I was not working during this second pregnancy but dealing with a lot of stress from international moves and the possibility that my husband might not make it to Singapore in time for the birth. I leaned very heavily on my private sessions with Siew Yong as she imparted her aura of peace and tranquility that I found key to putting myself in the right frame of mind for the birth. I trusted her so much that I asked if she would be prepared to accompany me through the delivery if my husband could not fly back in time, and she very kindly said yes.

I feel very blessed to have had Siew Yong (Ma Durga) in my life to inform and inspire me at critical junctures where I needed help with my body and mind. I would not hesitate to call upon her for help if I am in of some physical guidance or rehabilitation. I know that she can be trusted to approach the issue with humility, compassion and positivity. I hope that this testimonial can give others ideas on how they can be helped by her as well. Peace and love to you all.